Creating a Fairy Themed Christmas Stocking

Santa was ready. His sleigh was almost packed. He couldn’t wait to enjoy a round-trip in his sleigh and to drink many glasses of milk and enjoy thousands of cookies. But there was just one thing first for his elves to finish. The stocking gifts for the fairies throughout Fairy Land just needed to be packed. Santa’s elves were working hard to find just the right thing. And, because fairy magic is delightfully contagious, we know you’ll want to enjoy their gifts too. So, read on below to find out what Santa is giving the fairies this year. And, when you’re through be sure to continue exploring Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

1. Magical writing instruments
Fun Express Princess Wand Ink Pens | Fairy Princess Theme Birthday Party Favors (1 Dozen)
2. Inspired Writing Pages
Fairy Notebook Collection: (Fairies Fantasy Notebook, Journal, Diary) (Notebook Gifts) Collect Them All (Volume 10)
3. Fairy Garden Accessories
Fairy Garden Magical Glitter White Unicorn, Miniature, Glitter, Animal, Fairy Pet, Magical, Dollhouse, Magical Unicorn, White
4. Sweet Treats
Yummy Nutty Chocolate Cake with Cherry on Top, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Chocolate, Cake, Nuts, Red Cherries, Dessert, Fairy, Cute

Magical writing instruments

Receiving a note from a fairy friend is always fun. But we know fairies don’t write in the traditional way. Their way is a lot more magical. That’s why they need to have special writing instruments. The Fun Express Princess Wand Ink Pens which can be found on Amazon are a great choice for a fairy friend, or for Santa to put in a fairy’s stocking.

Inspired Writing Pages

And, what better than a special fairy notebook to go with the magical pens? These notebooks have pictures of fairies on the front and can be a great place for fairies to jot down notes of things they’d like to accomplish, of parties they’re hoping to plan, of places they want to visit or maybe even some secrets they have about a hopeful romance. When it comes to life in the Fairy Kingdom, we just never know what’s going to happen. If you’re not Santa, you can buy this item on Amazon.

Fairy Garden Accessories

Fairies love to have garden accessories for their own special places. They love it when humans give them a wonderful garden where they can play, grow and make it their own. One great gift is a magical fairy pet, like the magical glitter unicorn. This unicorn will play with the fairies and bring them lots of joy. Santa’s going to make some fairies very happy when they find this in their stocking on Christmas morning. You can find it in Teelie’s Etsy Shop.

Sweet Treats

A fairy Christmas stocking isn’t complete without something sweet in it. Santa’s elves decided on a delicious dessert that is filled with chocolate, cake, nuts and red cherries. Likely the fairies will eat this as soon as they see it in their stockings because they won’t be able to resist with their sweet teeth. You can own a miniature figurine of this dessert for your fairy garden or tea party by going to Teelie’s Etsy Shop.

1. Magical Stickers
Ruby The Ribbon Fairy Sticker
2. Fairy Mugs
Fairy Merry Christmas Mug
3. Jewellery
Alex and Ani Mothers Day 2016 Charity by Design, Fairy Bangle Bracelet
4. Magical Wand
AKOAK Star Wand,13 Inches Silver Fairy Princess Angel Wand

Magical Stickers

Fairies also love stickers. Some fairies enjoy scrapbooking, others stick stickers on their walls, or in their notebooks. Many of the fairies in Fairy Land have also been models for the special fairy stickers including the stickers which the elves chose to go in the stockings – stickers of Ruby the Ribbon Fairy. With Christmas here and lots of ribbons going on packages, she’s very busy and popular this time of year.  You can find the Ruby stickers and many others on Red Bubble.

Fairy Mugs

Fairies enjoy warm beverages especially  during the Christmas season. And, getting to enjoy that beverage in a Christmas mug makes it even more exciting. That’s why the elves decided to give the fairies throughout Fairy Land mugs with Merry the Christmas Fairy on them. If you’d like to own one, you can find it on Red Bubble.


Fairies love jewellery and this is why the elves have selected various trinkets for Santa to give the fairies in their Christmas stockings. One of these choices is a Fairy Bangle Bracelet. It will look great on the fairies if they wear it to the New Year’s Fairy Ball. Some fairies even have magic in their bracelets that allows them to perform some of their special tasks. So, perhaps this bracelet will even get an extra touch of magic once it reaches the Christmas stockings. You can find the Fairy Bangle Bracelet on Amazon.

Magical Wand

Some of the young fairies who haven’t yet received their full magical powers will also be receiving a Silver Fairy Wand in their stockings. They want to be able to follow their parents leads and so being able to practice with a wand that doesn’t spread fairy dust around, will be a great start to their magical careers. You can find the wand on Amazon.

Now that the elves have made their choices for what to put in the fairies’ stockings this Christmas, Santa is ready to take off on his around-the world adventure. He’d like to wish everyone in Fairy Land a very magical Christmas. And, we’d like to keep you in Fairy Land for a little bit longer, so please stick around and keep exploring Teelie’s Fairy Garden. It’s a great place to be especially during the holidays.

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