Enchanted Eight: Personalizing Your Fairy Garden Kit for the Holidays

Hello fairy lovers. I’m glad that you decided to stop by Teelie’s Fairy Garden today. I am a Christmas Fairy and am here to guide you on this magical journey. We have lots of news to share with you. Today’s Enchanted Eight is about personalizing your fairy garden kit for the holidays. We’ll offer you the choice of eight kits that you can choose and give you tips on personalizing each one for this holiday season. So, come on in, bring your imagination and join us on this magical adventure. For more tips and fairy garden options, take a walk through Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

1. A Magical Garden
Creative Roots Terrarium Garden
2. A Unicorn in Your Garden
Create Your Own Unicorn Garden by Horizon Group USA
3. Let Your Imagination Grow with Your Garden
My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise – Grow Your Own Magical Garden!
4. Accessorize Your Garden
Spritely Gardens Deluxe Fairy Garden Kit with Accessories

A Magical Garden

Your garden must have magic in it. The Creative Roots Terrarium Garden kit is available as a mermaid, unicorn or pixie garden. Each option provides its own unique décor including seashells, butterflies and hand-painted figurines. There is lots of glitter and delight in seeing this garden come alive. It can be purchased on Amazon.  To give it a Christmas look, I suggest surrounding it with some natural looking elements like pinecones and holly.

A Unicorn in Your Garden

Unicorns are one of the most magical animals in the fairy world, and so having one in your garden is a great way to ensure that fairies want to live with you. This kit is made with that concept in mind. However, if you prefer that the focus be on the gnomes or fairies, a similar kit is available with them as the highlighted character. This garden provides you with hand painted figurines which you can arrange in your creative way for hours of enjoyment in your own magical paradise. If you’d like to add a Christmas touch to it, you can use miniature bows or stars to make it holiday ready. You can find it on Amazon.

Let Your Imagination Grow with Your Garden

This unique fairy garden kit which is available on Amazon is designed to help you grow plants which your fairies and fairy animals will love. It includes all the tools and seeds that you need to get your growing done. For Christmas, find some ribbon and create a bow for the door of your toadstool house or dress up the plant pot with ribbon or garland. After all, fairies like me love the holidays. And, as a Christmas Fairy, it’s my busiest time of year. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for a festive place to visit when I need a little rest.

Accessorize Your Garden

Being able to accessorize a fairy garden is one of the most magical parts about it. It is how you really make it your own. This particular garden which is available on Amazon allows you to bring in many natural and magical elements including a rabbit that has a mushroom umbrella. If you love crafting, you’ll love this kit because it lets your creativity run wild. To add some Christmas to your spritely garden, I suggest finding some bark or birch slices and drawing on a Christmas scene. It could make a fairy door for your garden or perhaps a steppingstone to another magical spot in your garden.

1. Bring the Bliss
Bliss Fairy Gardens Magical Starter Kit
2. Bring Out the Kid in All of Us
Fairy Garden Kit Kids Gardening
3. Play Time that Keeps Growing
Advanced Play Fairy Garden Kit Kids Gardening
4. Be Creative
My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage – Grow & Play Set

Bring the Bliss

Everyone needs a peaceful environment to relax, whether you’re human or fairy. This blissful fairy garden magical starter kit is perfect for getting your garden started. It has a charming little English cottage where any fairy would be happy to live. And, you can sit back and enjoy your fairy’s magical environment. A sprinkle of fairy dust and a little bit of innovation on your part and your inner fairy will have this garden ready in no time. You can own this product by shopping on Amazon.  And, to give it a little Christmas cheer, I suggest purchasing a Christmas fairy accessory such as spool Christmas trees or a festive sign.

Bring Out the Kid in All of Us

This kit is geared at helping kids with their fairy gardening, but hopefully you also have a magical inner kid living inside of you, that will encourage you to play in the dirt and create a magical atmosphere. This kit includes many enchanting elements including stools, magical seeds and gardening tools. Working on a fairy garden is a great family project. To give it a Christmas look, you can add some Christmas plants to your design including some ivy, holly or poinsettias. You can find the kit on Amazon.

Play Time that Keeps Growing

This kit on Amazon is also advertised for children, but it is a more advanced model than the previous one. It comes with the same features as the Fairy Garden Kit Kids Gardening but has a few added features which can promote even more magic in the lives of you and everyone who touches this kit. Some models even play music. As soon as you open the box to this kit, you’ll be inspired to create memories that will last a lifetime. To add some Christmas décor to this garden, this Christmas Fairy suggests finding some rocks and painting them with a Christmas scene or in Christmas colours or by picking out some miniature fairy Christmas trees from Teelie’s Etsy Shop.

Be Creative

This fairy kit on Amazon allows you an enormous amount of choices. Let your imagination run wild as you come up with creative ideas that include the option of a stream for your fairy inhabitants. It has plenty of greenery and is a great place for you to play with the fairies and enjoy their company. To add some Christmas magic to your design, you could create your own miniature Christmas ornaments out of acorns and pinecones or find some fairy ornament accessories like a fairy bench and lantern to give it a holiday feel.

There are numerous stores and links which can provide you with holiday décor for your fairy garden. However, if you are seeking a one stop shop, Teelie’s Etsy Shop is filled with lots of holiday cheer and there are several sales on until Christmas Eve including the set listed below. With so many one of a kind items, you don’t want to miss out.

And, if you’re looking to read more magical fairy advice, you can visit us at Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

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