How to Start Your Fairy Garden on A Budget

I don’t know if you can hear them or not, but currently fairies throughout the world are clapping because they have heard that we have some new believers among us. To help our new fairy believers out, we’re pleased to share some tips on how to start a fairy garden on a budget. And on this publication day, it is Black Friday which means that even more savings are available for you. There are mega sales happening right now at Teelie’s Etsy Shop. Cyber Monday will also be here in a few days. You may even choose to put some fairy garden items on your holiday wish list and pick up a few extras when the Boxing Day Sales are on. And remember, you can start small and expand your fairy garden over time.

1. Consider a Kit
Little Growers Fairy Garden Craft Kit with Enchanted Unicorn and Light-Up Fairy Lights - Paint, Plant and Grow Your Very Own Fairy Garden Arts and Crafts Kit - For Kids all Ages Both Girls and Boys
2. Accessorize Your Garden
Adorable Welcome Sign
3. Look to Nature
Fairy Garden Mini Stone Cottages And White Unicorn, Fairy, Micro-Miniature, Unicorn, Thatched Roof, Brown Cottage, Grey Cottage, Stone Like
4. Consider the Lighting
Mushroom Fairy House Solar Garden Light

Consider a Kit

This sturdy fairy garden kit gives you the creativity to make it into your own. It is magical and something that fairies would love. It even comes with one of their favorite animals – the unicorn. With this choice, you won’t even have to wait for fairies to find you because it comes with two. We have consulted with the fairies throughout the kingdom on this product and they say that it looks delightful and is also budget conscious. The fairies have also asked that we let you know that children of all ages, means children and adults too. We are all children at heart especially in Fairy Land. You can buy this one on Amazon.

Or, if you are looking for a pre-built garden, a replica of our feature image is available  on Etsy.

Accessorize Your Garden

Teelie’s Etsy Shop offers a number of awesome deals to help you accessorize your fairy garden on a budget including those listed in her current $2.48 or less section. The pick of the day is the adorable welcome sign which is pictured above. It’s the perfect way for you to let your fairy know that you’re ready for him or her to move in.

Look to Nature

Incorporating many elements from nature are a sure way to attract fairies to your garden. Depending on your climate, your fairy garden may have to come inside during the wintertime, so making sure that there are plants, trees and outdoorsy things will make your fairies very happy. And, when you choose a fairy scene such as the one pictured above with the number 3 (fairy cottages and unicorn) it can help you add several elements that your fairy will enjoy to your garden all in one purchase. You can find it on Etsy.

Consider the Lighting

Fairies are all about the sparkle and twinkling lights. Even though fairy gardens are enjoyed at more than just Christmas time, you’ll want to consider having lights all year round. I found the cutest option that you may want to consider for your fairy garden on Amazon. It is a solar garden light that is shaped like a mushroom fairy home. It will please your fairies in so many ways with its mystical design and beautiful light.

1. Create a Colorful Environment
Fairy Garden Potted Pansies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Yellow Flowers, Ceramic Pot, Green Leaves, Miniature Flower, Blue Pot, Yellow and Purple
2. Keep Comfort in Mind
Fairy Garden Blue Birdbath Fairy Scene, Miniature, Dollhouse, Brown Bench, Frog, Blue Flower Bird Bath, Yellow Bird, Flowers, Colored Jewels
3. Give the Fairies Friends
Fairy Garden White Bunny, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy, Rabbit, Bunny, White, Fairy Pet, Farm Animal, Fairy Farm
4. Make Sure Your Fairy Garden is Magical
Fairy Peppermint Sip And Christmas Cookie, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Fairy, Snowflakes, Snowballs, Fairy Food, Christmas Tree

Create a Colorful Environment

Your fairies want to be surrounded by a beautiful and colorful environment. Neutral tones like gray and beige, are not what fairies have in mind when they are decorating. Fairies enjoy rich, bold colors like red, purple and yellow. Bright flowers and colorful cushions are a few options to make fairies choose your garden. You can buy the pansies at Teelie’s Etsy shop. They have been tried by many fairy lovers and our own fairies who give them their vote of confidence.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Regardless of what job a fairy is assigned to do, they live a very busy lifestyle. This is why you want to ensure that they have somewhere to rest. There are numerous options for fairy furniture that is just right for their small size and fluttering wings. The brown bench pictured above is one of the great options we found on Etsy.

Give the Fairies Friends

Everyone needs a friend and this pet white rabbit makes the perfect fairy pet. It doesn’t take up much room in the fairy garden, is very sociable and likes other animals, humans and fairies. Many fairies are hoping to get a dragon for Christmas this year, but if you’re a new to the fairy world, you might want to start small and work up to the dragon….You can find this rabbit on Etsy.

Make Sure Your Fairy Garden is Magical

Surprises are a great way to create a magical environment. One way to do this is to bring home some fairies treats in your garden to let your fairies know that you were thinking about them. As we’re getting close to Christmas, we at Teelie’s Fairy Garden recommend the peppermint sip and cookie treat set available on Etsy. They’re delicious and are sure to get the fairies wings moving in a magical way. Being re-energized, who knows what they might do to thank you in return.

Now that you have some ideas for starting your fairy garden on a budget, we want to encourage you to be creative and magical as you go about trying to get a fairy to join you. Another suggestion for having fun fairy gardens is to create one with a friend, this way, you can occasionally trade elements back and forth to give your garden a whole new look. And, surprising your friend with new fairy purchases will also bring a smile to their face. If you’d like to learn more about what happens around the fairy garden, be sure to check out our twice weekly blogs here and visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden homepage for more inspiration.

Just a disclaimer – We have partnered with these companies because we use their products and/or proudly trust and endorse them – so we do receive a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for services. Often, we are able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which we will pass on to you via our links. We often get short notice on sale items available for 24-48 hours as we will pass these savings onto you.

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