Enchanted Eight: How to Get a Fairy to Live in Your Christmas Village

Your house has been decorated inside and out. You’ve trimmed the tree and hung the stockings. You have even set up a whole Christmas village. Yet, it still feels like something is missing; but you aren’t sure what it is it. That’s okay, because here at Teelie’s Fairy Garden,  we know the answer to your question. You’re missing the magic and joy that comes from having a fairy living in your Christmas village. That is why we have devoted this week’s Enchanted Eight post to helping you discover how to get a fairy to live in your Christmas Village. So, grab a cup of tea, hot cocoa or another favourite beverage, dim the Christmas lights and keep reading to learn the magical formula that is necessary to attract a fairy to your Christmas village.

1. Fairies Love Bright Colors
Disney Mickey’s Tree Lot House 6″ H Village Lit Building
2. Fairies Want to See Snow
Snow Village Waiting for the Bus Accessory Figurine
3. Fairies Love Sweets
Disney Village Mickey’s Candy Shop Figurine
4. Fairies Want to See Trees
Disney Village Mickey’s Candy Tree Accessory Figurine

Fairies Love Bright Colors

Fairies will have many opportunities this holiday season to seek out a Christmas village to live in. This is why you must create your village with a fairies’ needs and favorite things in mind. Fairies love bright colors. So, if your village is filled with lots of colorful buildings or accents, it will make fairies more likely to choose your village. Every fairy has different favorite colors, but we recommend the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and yellow as these colors are likely to entice most fairies. In our test village, here at the fairy garden, to come up with ideas to share with you, we included a tree lot that was in a bright building. If you’d like to own this feature for your own Christmas village, you can find it on Amazon.

Fairies Want to See Snow

While not all parts of the world have snow at Christmas, incorporating some features that look like snow into your Christmas village will be something that fairies are looking for when deciding which Christmas village to choose for their holiday residence. In our test village, we selected a snowy bus stop at a school that also had a dog outside. This was a favorite amongst our fairies as it incorporated holiday lights, animals, snow and education in the same scene. If you’d like to own it, visit Amazon.

Fairies Love Sweets

When you’re a fairy, it is the more sugar the better. Cookies, cakes and candies are their favorite things to eat. In our test village at Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we were able to locate the perfect attraction to make fairies choose us. Our Christmas village includes a Disney candy shop with Mickey Mouse. Our fairies love the stories of the Disney characters and every kind of candy ever made. You should consider a candy shop for your own village. If you’d like the same one, we have, it can be found on Amazon.

Fairies Want to See Trees

Fairies love living amongst trees. Many of them even enjoy the chance to flutter their wings and fly up onto a comfortable looking branch for a chance to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening around them. And, if your trees are as cute as the one, we used in our test village, you’ll be sure to attract at least one fairy to your Christmas village. We used a candy tree combining fairies love of trees and sweets into one element of the décor. You can find your own candy tree on Amazon.

1. Fairies Want Magic
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Village Animated Flaming Sleigh Accessory Figurine
2. Fairies Love Activities
Nine Ladies Dance Conservatory
3. Fairies Enjoy Humor
North Pole Village Mickey’s Ear Factory Miniature Lit Building
4. Fairies Love Nature
Disney Village Mickey’s Christmas Tree House Accessory Figurine

Fairies Want Magic

Of course, fairies can make magic happen on their own by using their fairy dust and magic wands. But, fairies also like it when they see unexpected magic happening around them. Our element of surprise was an animated figurine of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by his eight tiny reindeer over a small forest of trees which were decorated for the holidays. You can find a replica of our magical surprise on Amazon.

Fairies Love Activities

Your Christmas village cannot simply be pretty. It must also give the fairies something to do. They enjoy a number of different activities, many of which are also enjoyed by humans. We chose to include a dance conservatory in our test village. Dancing is popular at fairy balls and with one sure to be happening at Fairy Headquarters on Christmas Eve, we wanted to give the fairies which visit your Christmas village, a chance to dust up on their dance moves. You can own a similar dance conservatory by visiting Amazon.

Fairies Enjoy Humor

Like humans, fairies enjoy an opportunity to laugh. And, so to accomplish this in our test Christmas village, we decided to combine their love of Disney in a humorous fashion by choosing Mickey’s Ear Factory. It also lights up and fairies love things which are shiny. Its bright colors and twinkling lights will bring a smile to everyone, human and magical that you should meet. You can buy it on Amazon.

Fairies Love Nature

Fairies love nature and are often involved in many outdoor activities. We decided to bring a part of the outside inside for our Christmas village. We purchased a Christmas tree house figurine, which the fairies can play on, or simply relax in and make their own magical Christmas wishes. If you’d like this opportunity for your fairies, visit Amazon.

We hope that you have been inspired to create a Christmas village that will entice a fairy to enter your home and live among you. May the spirit of the season bring you good tidings and many magical moments.

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