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How Fairy Forest Animals Prepare for Thanksgiving

Welcome fairy friends. I’m so glad to see you again. I’m a scarecrow and I’ve been watching over preparations for a very magical Thanksgiving celebration. Here in the fairy garden, we have been having many adventures. Most of all, we have been getting ready for Thanksgiving. It is a very special and magical time for us to give thanks and spend time with family and friends. For today’s adventure, I’m going to take you into one of the fairy forests so that you can learn how fairy forest animals prepare for Thanksgiving. Once you’ve had a chance to learn about us, make sure to check out everything else that is happening in the garden by visiting our fairy garden homepage.

1. Fall Fun With Leaves, Pumpkins, And Squirrels
Fall Fun With Leaves, Pumpkins, And Squirrels, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Fairy, Green, Dollhouse, Brown Squirrel, Orange Pumpkins, Fall Leaf
2. Hedgehog in a Fancy Cart
Fairy Garden Fancy Fairy White Cart Filled With Orange and Purple Pumpkins, Fall Fairy, Harvest, Fall, Acorn Fairy, Miniature, Dollhouse
3. Harvest Wheat Fairy
Fairy Garden Harvest Wheat Fairy, Miniature, Dollhouse, Orange Pumpkin, Corn, Sunflowers, Red Mushrooms, Fall Leaves, Cabbage, Carrots, Cute
4. Birds and Babies
Fairy Garden Adorable Baby Fairy Sleeping On Corn, Miniature, Bird, Transparent Pumpkin, Beige Bird, Baby Fairy Garden, Green Wings, Leaves

Fall Fun With Leaves, Pumpkins, And Squirrels

Hi, I’m one of the squirrels who lives in the forest and gets to scamper around and enjoy nature’s beauty. There are lots of fairies who are here everyday to take care of us. That is why we forest animals are planning  a surprise Thanksgiving dinner for them. I’m in charge of the decorations. So far I’ve gathered some pretty colored leaves and some pumpkins. We also have a miniature replica of me and my decorations. You can buy them on Etsy.

Hedgehog in a Fancy Cart

Hi, as you can see, I’ve been taking a nap on top of a load of pumpkins which one of the child fairies gathered. We love it when the nature fairies bring their children around to play with us. We have so much fun. My favorite game is hide and seek because the fairies can use their fairy dust to go anywhere. I’d better get back to work preparing for Thanksgiving dinner in the forest. I’m on lookout duty to make sure that the fairies don’t get to the special spot where we’re having dinner before it’s ready.  If you’d like to own your very own replica of me and the fairy child, head over to Etsy.

Harvest Wheat Fairy

At Thanksgiving we celebrate the bounty of the harvest and the people, animals and fairies who help to make our lives so blessed everyday. This is the Harvest Wheat Fairy. She lives among the forest animals and is one of the fairies that the little hedgehog is keeping an eye out for. This is a very busy time of year for this harvest fairy and we want to be sure that she gets a proper surprise. But it isn’t easy surprising fairies because with their magical powers, they often pop up where you least expect them. If you’d like to have a harvest garden wheat of your own, the Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy page can make that happen.

Birds and Babies

I’m one of the birds that lives in the forest and is going to the surprise fairy Thanksgiving dinner. I husked all the corn for the party and right now am feeling very joyous as I watch a fairy baby sleep among the bounty. You can get a miniature of this cute image at the Etsy shop.

1. Pumpkin Statue
Miniature Fairy Garden Pumpkin Statue
2. Fairy Lights and Leaf Garland
Fall Decor Maple Leaf Garland Fairy String Lights
3. Thanksgiving Centrepiece
A Fairy Thanksgiving, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Fairy, Fairy Food, Turkey, Vegetables, Thanksgiving sign, Pumpkins. Cornucopia
4. Sugary Treats for Dessert
Fairy Starbucks Coffee Break, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Fairy, Green, Dollhouse, Miniature Pastries, White Ceramic Plates, Orange Pumpkins

Miniature Fairy Garden Pumpkin Statue

One of our favourite decorations for the Thanksgiving meal that the fairy animals are hosting for the fairies. The animals all pitched in gathering pumpkins, leaves and berries to put these together. If you’d like to own one, they’re available on Amazon.

Fall Decor Maple Leaf Garland Fairy String Lights

All the fairy animals wanted to make sure that the Thanksgiving meal was festive and could be held late into the night. That’s why they bartered with a garden gnome to get these decorative fall fairy light garlands. It seems that  the garden gnome found them in a shed where they weren’t being used. The gnome needed pumpkins for another project. The trade made the fairy animals and the gnome happy. If you’d like to have your own garland, visit Amazon.

Thanksgiving Centrepiece

This is one of the centrepieces that we forest animals set up for the Thanksgiving celebrations. Even with all of the fairy creatures working together, there’s a lot that needed to be done. Thankfully, we found a pinch of fairy magic dust hidden in a tree trunk and used it to hasten the process. If you’d like to own your own centrepiece, you can buy it at Etsy.

Sugary Treats for Dessert

If you’re acquainted with fairy ways, you know that they absolutely love sweets. So, for dessert we made a delicious cake and special sugary coffee. It’s a good thing that some of  the fairy animals like Mrs. Bear know how to cook. If you’d like a replica of our dessert, you’ll  find it on Etsy.

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of all the fairy forest animals and the fairies themselves, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to keep visiting the fairy garden, so that you can keep up to date on our news. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s sure to be a busy season for all of us.

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