How to Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are near and dear to our hearts. We’ve always loved how a tiny, magical world comes to life through scenes made complete by different fairy garden accessories. But for those who don’t have enough space in their yard or simply want their fairy gardens closer to their homes and their hearts, they can also create an indoor fairy garden that works just like an outdoor one.


Indoor Fairy Garden for Smaller Homes

For those living in apartments or smaller spaces, indoor fairy gardens are a nice way to keep the magic alive. There are a number of ways to create an indoor fairy garden, as long as you keep your imagination alive and thriving. If you don’t know how or where to start, here are some basic ideas to get your creativity going. These ideas can be mixed and matched to create your preferred scenario in your indoor fairy garden.

How to Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

1. Select a large enough container.

The first step to creating a magical indoor fairy garden is selecting a container that is large enough to accommodate all your fairy garden accessories, but not too large that it would occupy too much space in your apartment or home. Fairies love enough ample space for them to work and play around in, so it’s important to get a container that serves that purpose as well. Consider this Robert Allen Marquis Planter, available on Amazon for $20.50.

2. Think about a centerpiece.

Your centerpiece may be the biggest fairy garden accessory in your indoor fairy garden. It can be a miniature house or garden shed for your fairy friends. Fairies need a space for them to rest and sleep in, so it’s important to have a home for them to come back to at the end of the day. This “Nutty Hook” Fairy Garden House with a hinged door from Bitsy Nest would be a great addition to your indoor fairy garden. Available at Etsy for $20.00.

3. Add a little ladder.

Fairies love to keep busy in the garden. For them to properly explore the magical world of gardens, make sure they have a fairy-sized ladder that’s handy. It’s also a cute fairy garden accessory that will personality to the garden’s overall look. This quintessential fairy garden ladder is available on Etsy for $7.00.

4. Secure an outdoor patio or space.

Fairies enjoy spending time outdoors, but to make sure they have a place to rest their feet (and wings!), install an outdoor patio or some miniature tables and chairs. This is a way to welcome fairies into your fairy garden, by ensuring that they have a livable space. This carefully crafted Woodland Patio Set is available on Etsy for $9.99.

5. Don’t forget the mailbox.

Fairies love corresponding with their other fairy and gnome friends. In fact, their friends, the birds, often deliver their letters and other correspondences. They love to write to fairies in other fairy gardens and talk about their days under the sun with their animal friends. This gorgeous mailbox matches the patio set and is available on Etsy for $6.99.

How to Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

6. Add a fairy swing.

Because fairies love to play, you can install a fairy swing in your fairy garden. Fairy swings are a homey addition to your fairy garden and brings much joy to your fairy friends. Get a vintage playground swing for your fairy garden just like this, available on Etsy for $7.99.

7. Make sure there are enough tools to go around.

Fairies don’t just play around all day. They’re also very hardworking in the garden. That’s why they need enough tools to make sure that your plants are growing and are free of weeds and pests. Get this vintage collection of fairy gardening tools for $11.00 on Etsy.

8. Plant some greens.

A fairy garden won’t be complete without some miniature plants. To add texture, plant green foliage such as spikemoss (selaginella kraussiana), which can be bought at Amazon for $5.38. This will provide a great green mossy texture to your fairy garden.

9. Add some color.

Fairies are very nurturing. Their magic fairy dust helps protect plants from harmful elements like the weather (too hot or too cold) or even pets that might trample on the fairy garden. They’re also very protective of their flowers. This Ageratum or Hawaii blue is perfect for your fairy garden because it adds a pop of cool color with its purple hues. Get this on Amazon for $5.49.

10. Turn on the lights.

Indoor fairy gardens can also be leveled up with some awesome battery-powered lights. When the sun goes down, watch in wonder as your fairy garden lights up with some fairy dust. Fairies like a little light to keep them warm and this dainty set of LED lights is great for indoor fairy gardens because it is battery-powered and does not need the sun to light up. Get this on Amazon for $6.95.


To create a full scenario, be ready to think of a theme that you would like to build. You can get inspiration from your favorite book or movie and incorporate ideas into the scene. For more ideas on which indoor fairy garden plants, accessories, and miniatures work best in different types of spaces, visit or follow


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