Small & Simple Fairy Garden Accessories

The enchanting world of miniature gardening and fairy gardens are never complete without the accessories that truly make them come to life. Fairy garden accessories are key in creating a scene inspired by a book, or a real-life scenario. Having a lot of fairy garden accessories lets you recreate scenarios with your fairy friends. They could be tending the garden, ruling a kingdom, or simply reading a book. There are lot of themes one can choose from when creating a fairy garden scene, but it’s always important to know what accessories can be mixed and matched to create a unique fairy garden experience.

Basic Fairy Garden Accessories

Fairy garden accessories come in a range of different designs to choose from. There are minimalist ones and some that are truly enchanting and magical. For those who like to mix and match, it’s advised to collect fairy garden accessories that have minimal decor so that it’s easy to tie in together. But that doesn’t mean the magic is lost on these simple accessories. In fact, we’ve curated some of the most magical fairy garden accessories that are both small and simple. Here are some basics accessories that will truly help tell a story in your fairy garden.

Small & Simple Fairy Garden Accessories

1. Shop Of Miracles Art Mini Wooden Step Ladder

Fairies enjoy working hard and playing hard in the fairy garden. They enjoy spending time making sure that the fairy garden is clean and plants grow as optimally as possible. As hardworking as they are, they need quality accessories to help make their job easier. These fairy ladders are just what your fairy friends need so they can climb up mini trees in case they’re too tired to fly. Get a set of three on Etsy for $2.90.

2. Tiny Dwelling Miniature Wheelbarrow

While you’re busy tending to your fairy garden, your little fairy friends are, too! They are hardworking and tough, that’s why they also need some assistance. This simple but gorgeously crafted miniature wheelbarrow features a wooden body with a working metal wheel so your fairy friends can go about their daily work with no fuss. You can even have this customized with either removable sides or non-removable sides and can choose between a darker or lighter shade of wood. Available at Etsy starting at $38.00.

3. Firefly Cabin Watering Cans Miniatures

Fairies love tending to their mini gardens, so make sure they have the right tools to do so. This alloy-made miniature watering can comes in different colors and is perfect for any fairy garden that is made with love and care. Get this on Etsy for $4.00.

4. Tony Garden Accessories Resin Succulents Plants (5 pieces)

Who says fairies can’t have their own miniature succulents? These adorable resin-made succulents are perfect for any miniature fairy garden! These tiny fellows come alive in the world of make believe, where fairies tend to these plants to ensure they are healthy and growing strong. The five-piece set features different types of succulents. Available at Amazon for $4.50.

5. Bitsy Nest 3 Piece Set Miniature Garden Tools with Wood Handle

Because fairies need tools to tend to their own fairy garden, we have this carefully crafted set of three miniature garden tools with wooden handles. It also features metal and tin and is a great addition to your miniature fairy garden. These little tools look small, but they are truly mighty. Get this set on Etsy for $12.00.

Small & Simple Fairy Garden Accessories

6. Bitsy Nest 6 Piece Set Miniature Garden Tools with Wood Handles

In the world of make believe, fairies are truly just like us. They love nature and gardening and they want to make sure that their fairy garden is free from weeds and pests that hinder plant growth. This set of six miniature garden tools with wooden handles helps them do just that, as they help keep weeds and unwanted pests off the fairy garden. The set is available at Etsy for $3.50.

7. Lemon Drop Miniatures Park Bench for Miniature Fairy Garden

After a long day out in the garden, let your fairy friends rest on a cute park bench that is reminiscent of those in Central Park in New York. This park bench is so realistic that you can’t help but imagine being in Central Park itself. Best placed beside a nice pond. Get this on Etsy for $4.99.

8. GlitZGlam Swan Miniature Pond

What’s more relaxing than sitting by a swan pond after a long day of gardening? Fairies love their animal friends and keep an eye on them at all times because of their protective nature. As protectors of gardens, forests, and wildlife, it’s only natural for fairies to bond with their favorite animals! Get this dainty swan pond on Amazon for $19.95.

9. Hello Little Cloud Fairy Garden Gate FairyLand Sign

Mark your fairies’ territory in the fairy garden with his carefully crafted sign that features a polymer clay sign that says “FairyLand.” This whimsical sign will let your guests know that they are entering an enchanting world where fairies are alive and well, spreading love, hope, and magic everywhere they roam. This beautiful sign is available on Etsy for $10.00.

10. Beautiful Flower Shop Miniature Garden Streetlight

As the sun goes down, these miniature streetlights light up the fairy garden! Magical fairies love the light and at night, they sprinkle some fairy dust to make the light shine a little brighter all over their fairy garden. This also keeps those evil spirits away. After all, they are afraid of the light. Get this on Etsy for $4.99.


Choosing fairy garden accessories is an adventure on its own. You get to know the stories behind each accessory and how it was made and who made them and it is truly a magical experience to find out the labor of love that went into making them. Some simple fairy garden accessories are even handmade and takes a lot of effort. The best thing about them is that the more lovingly it was created, the more love and magic your fairies will receive in your own fairy garden.


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