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The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Garden Accessories That Won’t Break the Bank

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Can you imagine a wonderful, magical world full of fairies right in your backyard? Imagine a world in which you can see your tiny little-winged friends fluttering about, taking care of your fairy garden and doing the hard work? In this week’s Fairy Scoop, we’re bringing you more ideas on how to create a truly magical fairy garden without breaking the bank. Fairy garden accessories can sometimes come with hefty price tags, but we’ve curated an interesting list of enchanting items that you might want to add to your fairy garden. If you’re new to fairy gardening, you’ll also love this list, as it can serve as an inspiration on how to begin. Let’s start!


1. MiniaturExpressions Book with Birds – A Fairy Garden Tale

A truly delicate addition to your fairy garden is this fairy tale book, adorned with not one but two darling birds that rest upon the pages of this magical tale. This inspires thoughts of faraway lands of princes and princesses, where magic is not unusual and dreams come true. Open an enchanting tale with this book, available for $8.49 on Etsy.

2. Weewingsandthings Garden Bench

What’s a book without a bench to read on? Let your fairies be as comfortable as possible in this quaint little fairy bench that’s adorned with some leaves and a butterfly. It also includes a cozy moss covered cushion for your fairy friend’s utmost comfort. Available on Etsy for $10.00.

3. Fairy Best Wishes Miniature Woodland Animal Critter Figurines (5 Piece Set)

Fairies absolutely love wild woodland animals! This adorable five-piece set from Fairy Best Wishes features a hedgehog, fox, squirrel, an owl, and a rabbit. They are the perfect company for your fairy garden friends. These adorable woodland pets can be adopted through Etsy for $6.95.

4. Fairy Rose Garden Fairy Garden Plant Ladder

This rustic garden plant ladder is a sweet addition to your fairy garden. It’s only 3.5 inches tall and is perfect for your tiny fairy friends. It features different kinds of plants in various pots that are securely attached to the ladder planter. This quaint little accessory is available on Etsy for $9.99.

5. Hello Little Cloud Miniature Melting Candles for Fairy Garden

When the sun goes down, your fairy friends will need something to light up their evenings. This enchanting set of melting candles will glow all through the night thanks to some fairy magic. As the listing indicates, it’s definitely perfect for those nights when the fairies would all gather to cast a spell. Take part in the magic with these realistic-looking melting candles (made of polymer) by heading over to Etsy, where it’s available for $12.00.


6. Miniature Gardening Vine Gate with Pot for Fairy Garden

Continuing on with the rustic theme, this delicately made vine gate is a gorgeous addition to your magical garden. Fairies will love the terra cotta pot that’s made of real clay, in which they can put their favorite flowers. Get this on Etsy for $7.49 and the antique columns for $3.99 each.

7. My Tiny Purple Garden Miniature Rustic Birdhouse

To add a shabby chic, rustic vibe to your fairy garden, get your hands on these amazing miniature birdhouses that feature intricate detailing like no other. It also includes a stake so that it’s easy to insert anywhere in your fairy garden. Each of these adorable birdhouses cost $3.69 on Etsy.

8. Bitsy Nest Sleeping Flower Fairy Figurine

Sometimes fairies like to have fun and sometimes they need to rest, too. This resin-made fairy is so adorable as she sleeps on a bed of moss in the fairy garden. She has a dainty flower crown on her head and a flower on her dress as well. Her chic look is completed by a pair of boots. This fairy is available on Etsy for $8.37.

9. Mystical Woodlands Fairy Garden Miniature Grapevine Mushroom Wreath

This tiny, magical wreath is such a dainty addition to any fairy garden. It is highlighted by some moss and a pair of delicate little mushrooms on this wreath that we’re sure fairies made themselves. Get this on Etsy for $4.24.

10. Miniature Gardening Cement Lamp Post for Fairy Garden

Last but certainly not the least is this cement lamp post with a rustic little lamp sitting on top of it. This magical lamp burns all night thanks to the magic of the fairy garden. Fairies keep it afire throughout the darkest nights to help them protect their friends (and you!) from any evil that might come your way. Available on Etsy for $7.69.


These are just a few enchanting ideas you can add to your joyous fairy garden. These carefully crafted fairy garden accessories may be affordable, but they never skimp on the magic. Have a fantastic journey!


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