How to Rejuvenate a Fairy

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It’s time for another magical adventure in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to be teaching you how to rejuvenate a fairy. Even though fairies are extremely magical, they also need to take time out of their busy schedules to rest.

1. Give Them A Comfortable Bed
Fairy Garden Fairy | Fairy baby sleeping in bird's nest | Fairy - Miniature Fairy Garden Supply | bluebirds babysitting
2. Provide Them Spaces to Visit
Butterfly Table and Two Chairs - Fairy Garden Supply, Fairy Furniture
3. Have a Place to Play
Fairy Garden Rustic Slide - Gnome Playground Furniture
4. Install Relaxing Hammocks and Swings
Fairy Garden Swing Leaf, leaf swing with fairy figurine, fairy garden accessories, fairy garden miniatures, green wire hook included

Give Them A Comfortable Bed

You have to give your fairies a comfortable bed to sleep in. For fairies, like humans, getting a good night’s rest or a cozy nap is essential to feeling refreshed. This fairy has found a lovely spot in a bird’s nest to rest. We’re sure that the birds lined the nest with soft materials that it picked up. Meet this sleeping fairy on Etsy.

Provide Them with Spaces to Visit

Fairies also need to have spaces where they can visit with each other. It’s great for the fairies to be able to socialize, exchange ideas, and talk about their incredible magical experiences. This butterfly table and two chairs are the perfect place for fairies to spend time together. And if there are more fairies than just two, a little touch of fairy dust can create as many chairs as needed. Learn more on Etsy.

This magical video will also provide you with some enchanting ideas for furniture for your fairy garden or patio.


Have a Place to Play

Taking some time for play is another way that fairies can help rejuvenate themselves. Play can be fun and relaxing. It is also an opportunity to let the fairies’ thoughts run free often prompting them to come up with innovative and creative ideas. Find an incredible rustic garden slide for your fairy friends on Etsy.

Install Relaxing Hammocks and Swings

If you can install relaxing hammocks and swings in your fairy gardens, your fairy friends will be happy to visit you when they need an opportunity for rejuvenation. They might only stay a few hours and take a nap or enjoy a chat with you. They might also decide to read a book or curl up and watch the sunrise or the stars in the sky. But whatever the fairies’ desires, we know that your garden can be a very enticing place to be. Find this incredible leaf swing on Etsy.

1. Have Fairy Pets
Miniature Fairy Kisses a Frog Figurine - Woodland Knoll Themed Fairy Garden Accessory - Fairy Garden Supply - Fairy Girl - Is He My Prince?
2. Provide Awesome Adventures
Fairy Farm Garden 13 pc Kit | Little Kim World Fairy Garden | Tiny Fairy Sets | Miniatures for Yard, Flower Bed, Planter, Terrarium
3. Create Delicious Treats
The Sweetest Strawberry Cake, Fairy Garden Goodies, Fairy Food, Dollhouse, Miniature Cake, Candy, Bakery, Dollhouse Food, Strawberry
4. Refreshing Fairy Drinks
Miniature Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher Keychain

Have Fairy Pets

When your fairies can enjoy the company of some amazing pets, it can help them to relax. Sometimes their pets want to play fetch, hear a story, or go for a walk in the forest with you. Whatever your pleasure, you’re sure to feel rejuvenated when you’re in the right company. Meet a fairy with her friend the frog on Etsy.

Provide Awesome Adventures

Your fairies need to be able to enjoy awesome adventures to keep them feeling enthusiastic and rejuvenated. Have you ever heard the saying, “Sometimes a change is as good as a rest?” We believe that it’s true. One of the fairies next adventures is going to take them on an adventure to a magical farm where they’ll have the chance to explore the barns and gardens and meet many new animal friends. Learn more about this adventure on Etsy.

Create Delicious Treats

If you can create some delicious treats for your fairy friends, it would be a wonderful way for you to entice them to take some time to rest and relax in your fairy garden. Fairies are known for loving sweets. We are currently serving a delicious strawberry cake in several of our fairy gardens. The fairies are extremely impressed. Find out more about this delicious treat on Etsy.

Refreshing Fairy Drinks

You can also serve some refreshing drinks to your fairy friends like these amazing Starbucks drinks. Pictured above is the mango dragon fruit-flavored beverage. Learn more about them on Etsy.

We hope that these eight tips on rejuvenating a fairy will be helpful to your fairy friends. The Teelie’s Fairy Garden suggestions can help you provide a pleasing atmosphere for your fairy friends to live or visit. Please come back and visit us again soon.

Enjoy some more relaxation in this magical video about enchanted fairy candles for spring and Easter.


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