Meet Some Magical Spring Fairies

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It’s time to meet some magical spring fairies in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We have several magical fairies to introduce you to. Each of these sweet fairies wants to share one of their favorite pieces of merchandise with you.

Spring Redbubble
1. Magical Mouse Pads
Buppy The Bunny Fairy™ Mouse Pad
2. Beautiful Art Board Prints
Busana the Bonsai Fairy™ Art Board Print
3. Adorable Throw Pillows
Tertia The Teacup Planter Fairy™️ Throw Pillow
4. Enchanted Drawstring Bags
Gardenithia The Handmade Garden Fairy™️ Drawstring Bag

Magical Mouse Pads

Since Easter is right around the corner, it seemed like a great opportunity for Buppy the Bunny Fairy to make your acquaintance. Buppy decided to share her beautiful mousepad with you. Learn more on Redbubble.

Beautiful Art Board Prints

These artboard prints featuring Busana the Bonsai fairy are a great way to help bring art into your life. Busana loves getting to care for Fairy Land’s magical bonsai trees. They’re also a wonderful place for you to enjoy solitude and a quiet opportunity to read. Here is a video for one of the magical books that Busana recommends. Meet Busana on Redbubble.

Adorable Throw Pillows

Tertia the Teacup Planter loves all the beautiful flowers that her fairy friends plant in her teacups. You can find Tertia’s photo on a number of magical items of merchandise including this enchanted throw pillow. Learn more on Redbubble.

Enchanted Drawstring Bags

Gardenithia the Handmade Garden Fairy is available to help you with all your fairy garden needs. She loves visiting gardens and making suggestions and lending a helping hand. Learn more about her on Redbubble. She is sharing her drawstring bag with you.

Fairies Redbubble
1. Fantastic Tote Bags
Fai The Handmade Flower Fairy™️ Tote Bag
2. Magical Graphic T-Shirt Dresses
Trixy The Trellis Fairy™ Graphic T-Shirt Dress
3. Incredible Travel Mugs
Genius Gnome Fairy™ Travel Mug
4. Cute Sleeveless Tops
Neona the Natural Materials Fairy™ Sleeveless Top

Fantastic Tote Bags

These fantastic tote bags are the magical item of fairy merchandise that Fai the Handmade Flower Fairy wanted to share with you. They come in cotton or as an all-over print. Full details are available on Redbubble.

Magical Graphic T-Shirt Dresses

Trixy the Trellis Fairy loves seeing humans and fairies enjoy her collection of magical merchandise. She and all of Teelie Turner’s fairies have many items of clothing available in their collections on Redbubble. Trixy is showing you her graphic t-shirt dress.

Incredible Travel Mugs

Genius the Gnome Fairy loves to garden. He shares that love in his collection of merchandise. He decided to show you his amazing travel mug. Find it on Redbubble.

Cute Sleeveless Tops

Neona the Natural Materials Fairy spends her days searching for amazing and natural materials for her friends to use. She loves to help the birds find grass, feathers, and flowers to line their nests with. Neona’s picture is on a cute sleeveless top. Find her on Redbubble.

Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. I am so glad that you could be here with us. The fairies have so many amazing adventures planned, and they want to share them all with you.

You can also enjoy this magical fairy video.


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