Imaginative Fairy Garden Planters

Imaginative Fairy Garden Planters

Hello Fairy Friends. The fairy merchants have been at it again and have selected several models of imaginative fairy garden planters for your enjoyment. So, think about the plants that you have or want to get for a fairy garden and the fairy garden accessories that are so much fun to rearrange as you have a look at some options for the planters that they can go in. These planters do not come with the plants and most also do not include the accessories. For more information on each, you can visit the product pages which also include the dimensions. Once you’ve finished exploring these amazing planters, the fairies hope that you’ll continue to explore Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

Imaginative Fairy Garden Planters
1. Truck Planter
Solar Truck Planter, Blue
2. Unicorn Planter
Qiuhome Mini Cute Succulent Planter Pots Flower Pot Decorative White Ceramic Containers (Unicorn)
3. Wagon Planter
Amish Wagon Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Garden Backyard Planter, Green
4. Wooden Box Planter
Mecai Small wooden Succulent Planter Box Window Indoor House Cacti Flower Fairy Plants Container,Idea Gifts

Truck Planter

Our first pick is an adorable blue truck planter. It would look amazing as a feature in a larger garden or as a centerpiece. It would also look nice sitting outside on a small table if you don’t have much room when it comes to gardening. It also has solar powered headlights which will add a magical glow to your garden when it is dark out. It is available on Amazon.

Unicorn Planter

Our next pick is a miniature unicorn planter. It would look great as part of a larger fairy garden presentation or in a small space where you want to add some magic but don’t have much room. It is just the right size for a succulent plant. Find it on Amazon.

Wagon Planter

The fairy merchants chose our next pick because they found it very unique. It is a decorative wagon planter which can be used indoors or outside. Add some bright colored flowers and a few fairies or fairy accessories and the fairies will choose it as a place to make their home. You can find it on Amazon.

Wooden Box  Planter

As you will see from the image, this wooden box planter is perfect to use for creating a fairy garden or as a focal point for a larger fairy garden. Take a minute, close your eyes and envision how you could take a simple wooden box planter and turn it into something amazing for your fairy friends. This is available on Amazon.

Intriguing Fairy Garden Planters
1. Geometric Terrarium Planter
MOCTUS Glass Geometric Terrarium - Succulent Planter - Clear Box for Garden/Outdoor/Indoor/Home Decoration, Wedding Gift, Centerpiece/Candle - Brass Planter/Plant Holder for Tabletop Display (Gold)
2. Metal Umbrella Hanging Planters
Juegoal 3 Pack Metal Umbrella Hanging Planter Wall Decor, Inspirational Plant Hanger Wall Art Indoor Outdoor for Home Bedroom Living Room Office Garden, 12.6 Inches
3. Colorful Planters
Livi Palm Pot - Lime Green-Indoor Suctioned Window/Wall Planter for Plants and Herbs
4. Tricycle Planter
Sorbus Tricycle Plant Stand - Flower Pot Cart Holder - Ideal for Home, Garden, Patio - Great Gift for Plant Lovers, Housewarming, Mother’s Day - Parisian Style (Bronze)

Geometric Terrarium Planter

Terrariums are popular choices when it comes to creating a fairy garden. The fairy merchants loved the look of this gold geometric terrarium planter which is available on Amazon. Turning one of these into a magical fairy garden is also a great option for a centerpiece or to liven up someone’s desk.

Metal Umbrella Hanging Planters

Our next planter option is a metal umbrella hanging planter. They are sold on Amazon in packages of three. They are extremely magical looking and the fairies who saw them without any flowers in them were already amazed by how cute they were.

Colorful Planters

These next planters are available in several different colors and are really neat because they can be suctioned to a window or mounted on the wall. They would look wonderful with some brightly colored flowers in them and perhaps a little fairy accessory to add a little surprise for anyone who sees them and the fairies who might decide to take up residence with you. Find it on Amazon.

Tricycle Planter

The final pick for today is a tricycle plant stand that comes with the three planter pots that go inside of it. It is a unique option to add some intrigue to your property or garden. It is available on Amazon.

Thank you for spending some time with us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. The fairies are glad that you could join them, and they hope that you take some time to see what else we have available for your reading and viewing pleasure.

If you are looking for ideas for plants to put inside of your amazing planter pots, this article from Joan Clark at Tips Bulletin on beautiful succulents can be a great help to you. Find it here. 

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