Invite Fairy Friends to Live in Your Fairy Garden

Invite Fairy Friends to Live in Your Fairy Garden

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re pleased to have you visiting us. We’re going to have a look at some magical fairy friends that you could invite to live in your fairy garden. These are fairies who have currently not found their perfect family. In the meantime, they’re visiting various gardens to find the right one for them. We think the perfect home might be with you.

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fairy garden fairies
1. Spring Fairy
Spring Yellow Winged Glitter Fairy, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Fairy, Yellow Fairy, Flowers, Basket, Yellow Flowers, Glitter Wings
2. Magical Fairy Garden Stake
Corten steel fairy stake, fairy garden, decor, indoor, outdoor, stake art sculpture
3. Enchanted Fairy Family
Fairy Garden - Miniature Family Kit Figurines and Accessories - Fairies Statue Set of 6 pcs for Outdoor or House Décor
4. Magical Outdoor Fairies
Dorlotou Fairy Garden Figurines 6pcs Miniature Fairies for Outdoor Garden Décor

Spring Fairy

We met a spring fairy who has a beautiful mauve dress and shoes and yellow wings. She loves flowers and always carries a bouquet of yellow ones with her everywhere she goes. Meet her on Etsy.

Magical Fairy Garden Stake

Our next magical fairy loves to spend time in the garden. She enjoys perching on garden stakes and makes an amazing garden marker for special flowers. This sweet metal fairy loves the fragrant aromas of flowers. Learn more about her on Etsy.

Enchanted Fairy Family

If you would prefer to invite a family of fairies to live with you, we met an incredible group that even has rabbits. Some of the fairies love to read, while others like to sit or play in the garden. Further details are available on Amazon.

Magical Outdoor Fairies

Another incredible family of fairies loves to play hide and seek in the garden, often appearing on garden décor. They make wonderful plant markers and each one is unique so could help you mark plants before they come up so that you remember where they are planted. They could also be used to add a pop of color to your fairy garden. Find them on Amazon.

fairy garden fairies
1. Solar House Fairies
Solar Fairy House Gift Set with Figurines - Flowers, Mushrooms, Butterflies & Magical Fairies - Outdoor Garden, Lawn & Patio Décor with Glow in The Dark LED Lights – Mini Resin Statues and Sculptures
2. Isabella the Garden Fairy
PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies Accessories – Fairy Figurine Isabella for a Miniature Garden – Sitting Fairy with Buckets of Flowers – 1 Piece
3. Emma’s Enchanted Home
GlitZGlam Miniature Fairy House Set - 7-Piece Fairy Garden kit A Perfect Accessory for Your Fairy House
4. Summertime Fairy
Design Toscano EU42046 Summertime Fairy on a Swing Hanging Statue, 11 Inch, Polyresin, Two Tone Stone

Solar House Fairies

We met two lovely fairies who live in an amazing solar house. They love the beautiful lights. Their house has purple flowers on the room and some mushroom toadstool décor. Fairy dust will allow them to transport their home to your garden. Meet them on Amazon.

Isabella the Garden Fairy

Our friend Isabella, the Garden Fairy loves to sit on a bench and talk to her bucket of flowers because she knows that nurturing things makes them very happy. Her flowers often smile at her with their delicate faces. Flowers in Fairy Land have their own secret magical powers. Isabella can be found on Amazon.

Emma’s Enchanted Home

Our next fairy comes fully equipped. Emma has her own fairy door, path, bicycle, dog, and bench. She loves bright colors, and her clothing and accessories demonstrate this. Emma would love to find the right fairy garden for her, one with a believer who will visit her every day and just enough space for her belongings. If you listen carefully, you might even hear her singing a tune early in the morning. Learn about her on Amazon.

Summertime Fairy

The final fairy that we would like to introduce you to today is a summertime fairy. She loves being outside and spends all day swinging on her swing. She likes to watch over the garden and spend time with the birds and a gentle breeze. This adorable fairy is available on Amazon.

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re so glad that you could join us. If you have any fairy friends in your garden, we’d love to hear about them. Comment below or reach out to us on social media.

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