Magical Father’s Day Fairy Garden Themes

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Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to explore some magical themes for Father’s Day fairy gardens. We are sharing one item for each of our suggestions which you might want to include in your enchanted garden.

Father's Day Fairy Gardens
1. Magical Farm
Mini Hen House, Fairy Garden Hen House, Mini Farmhouse
2. Camping Garden
Miniature Fairy Garden Fire Pit, Polymer Clay, Miniature Garden, Dollhouse Miniature, Miniature Campfire, Clay Campfire, Miniature Bonfire
3. Golfing Fun
Dollhouse Miniature Sport Golf Club Set (Red) - A079
4. Beach Garden
A set 8pcs Tiny Beach Umbrella White Lounge Chairs Boat Lighthouse Sea Style Mini Fairy Garden Supplies Succulent Terrarium DIY Accessories

Magical Farm

Our first suggestion is to have a farm-themed fairy garden. We have chosen a miniature hen house for this theme. It is available on Etsy. You can also see a DIY of how to create a farm fairy garden in our post from last week.

Camping Garden

We think that camping is another great theme that fathers might love. We found a miniature fire pit with a clay campfire roaring in it. It can be found on Etsy.

Learn more here about camping gardens

Golfing Fun

Some dads love to golf, and we found some miniature clubs that would look awesome in a magical fairy garden. More details about these sporty red clubs are available on Etsy.

Beach Garden

We also love beach gardens. We found an incredible miniature kit that includes eight beach-themed accessories like umbrellas, lounge chairs, and a boat. Learn more about how you can have a magical beach garden on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Themes
1. Gone Fishing Garden
Gone Fishin Fairy, Fairy Garden Fairy Fishing, Mini Fishing Fairy
2. Pirate Fairy Garden
Pirate Treasures Abound, 2 Pirate Goblets, A Crown, Perfume Bottle, Silver Chest, Silver Beer Stein, Silver Red Ornament, Fairy
3. Harvest Garden
Brown Fall Pumpkins, Autumn, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Pumpkin Patch, Fall Scene, Wooden Stem
4. Gnome Garden
Clarence The Wood Chopping Fairy-Fairy Garden, Fairy, Gnome, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden Kit, Gnome

Gone Fishing Garden

Some dads love to fish and so we chose to include this popular sport/hobby in our list of fairy garden themes that fathers might love. We found a fairy fishing with his dog. He is pleased to have caught a fish. You can invite this fairy and his pup into your garden by visiting Etsy.

Pirate Fairy Garden

If you have a hankering to sail on the high seas, then you might want to create a pirate-themed fairy garden for your dad for Father’s Day or create it with him. We found a collection of pirate treasures that would look awesome in a pirate garden. Full details about this collection are available on Etsy.

Harvest Garden

In some parts of the world, it is autumn and not springtime, and therefore we decided to include a harvest garden theme with some enchanted brown pumpkins in our list of fairy garden ideas for dad. Find these and other awesome items on Etsy.

Gnome Garden

Our final suggestion for today is to have a gnome-themed fairy garden. We’d like to invite you to meet Clarence the Wood Chopping Fairy Gnome. He would love it if you invited him to live in your garden, perhaps in a little cottage or even the garden shed if it were nicely fixed up for him with a bed and some magical elements to make it feel like home. Learn more on Etsy.

Thank you for joining us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We are extremely pleased that you could be here with us today and we hope that you enjoyed learning about fairy garden themes that dad might enjoy. If you have other ideas, please share them with us in the comments section or on social media.

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