Magical Baby Fairies

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This week in Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we have some very special visitors. There are several baby fairies who have come to visit us. Follow us and we’ll begin introducing you to them and showing you some amazing fairy garden scenes, which feature baby fairies.

baby fairies

Miniature Cradle Fairy Baby, fairy garden accessories, shhh…fairies sleeping sign, terrarium mini, cake topper baby shower fairy pink, blue (The Little Hedgerow on Etsy)

Fairies Sleeping

This adorable fairy garden scene from The Little Hedgerow on Etsy is simply adorable. It features baby fairies sleeping in leaf boats and a sign that reads ‘shhh…fairies sleeping.’ We love how peaceful the sleeping babies look. Learn more here.

baby fairies

Howl at the Moon Gems Baby Fairies

Playful Baby Faires

These adorable fairies look like they would have an enchanted time playing and exploring fairy land. They can be found at Howl at the Moon Gems. They are currently playing with acorns and rocks that they have found outside. They’re just old enough to begin playing on their own in the meadow as long as a fairy or fairy pet keeps an eye on them. More information is available here.

Sleeping fairy

Baby Fairies and their Fairy Pets from

Fairies and Friends Napping Together

This adorable fairy garden scene is of a baby fairy sleeping on a leaf in the grass along with its friends who are two friendly yet prickly feeling hedgehogs. This dose of cuteness is brought to us by Learn more here.

flower fairy

Adorable Baby Fairies With Beneath the Ferns

Adorable Baby Fairies

Beneath the Ferns had several adorable fairy garden scenes that featured baby fairies including this cute fairy dressed in a red dress sleeping on a flower. Full details are available here.

baby fairies

Teelie’s Fairy Garden Baby Fairies

Buttercup the Baby Fairy

We would also like to introduce you to Teelie’s Fairy Garden baby fairy. Her name is Buttercup, and she has a delightful collection of merchandise to share with you. There are some great options that can be used for fairy garden parties and by fairy lovers. Learn all the details here.

Thank you again for spending this time in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. It is a magical place to be. Please come back and visit us again soon for more exciting news or visit us on social media for daily updates and fun.

We would also like you to meet these cute baby fairies who hope you might want to invite them to live in your fairy garden with you.

sleeping fairy

Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Sleeping Fairy Baby with Dragonfly Outdoor Statue

baby and owl

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Sleeping Fairy Baby with Owl in Nest Statue

sleeping fairies

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Sleeping Twin Fairy Babies in Nest Statue

baby fairy

Maansfy Miniature Fairy Garden Figurines Resin Sleeping Fairy Baby Statue Outdoor Accessories Mini Terrarium Decor

baby fairy

Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Sleeping Fairy Baby Outdoor Statue, 3.75 by 5.75-Inch

sleeping fairy

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Sleeping Fairy Baby in Green Gourd Statue

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