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Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We are so glad that you could join us this week. We’re going to be exploring magical garden stakes. The ones we have chosen vary in size, some work for a garden bed and others for plant pots.

1. Metallic Vegetable Markers
Horizontal Garden Stakes
2. Beautiful Butterfly Stakes
Butterfly Garden Stakes
3. Stunning Duck Family Garden Décor
Duck Family Garden Metal Stakes, Animal Garden Ground Stakes, Sign Hollow Out Garden Decoration, Duck Shape Silhouette Decor for Yard Lawn.
4. Artistic Garden Stakes
Plant stake, fairy garden accessories, garden decor, plant accessories, Lampwork plant stake

Metallic Vegetable Markers

These metallic garden markers are a great way to keep track of what you’ve planted where in your garden. They are also shiny which will please the fairies that visit your garden. Find them on Etsy.

Beautiful Butterfly Stakes

These butterfly garden stakes will bring joy to anyone who sees them. They can add some color to your garden while complementing the plants that grow there. You can also use them to mark where you’ve planted seeds or bulbs to ensure you don’t dig up something you don’t want to when you’re making or weeding your garden. Learn more about these butterfly stakes by visiting Etsy.

Stunning Duck Family Garden Décor

This metal duck family can’t wait to take up residence with you. You can put them on your lawn, but you can also invite them to visit your garden where they can help decorate or mark plants for you. They’re available on Etsy.

Artistic Garden Stakes

There are a number of plant stakes available with an adorable glass element to it on top of a stainless-steel stake. We decided to show you the elephant stake as we know that it will be extremely cute in your garden. Find it on Etsy.

1. Enchanted Wire Bird Plant Stakes
Metal Birds Plant Stakes, Wire plant accessories, Trellis for indoor plants, Succulent Pot Pick, Outdoor Suncatcher, Front Porch Décor
2. Magical Suncatcher and Plant Stake
Handcrafted Copper and Czech Crystal Sun Catcher Plant Stake / Charm / Poke / Plant Décor
3. Rustic Poppy Garden Stakes
Exterior Rustic Rusty Metal Poppy Head Seed Poppies Flower Garden Art Garden Stake Yard Art Sculpture Spring Gift Present
4. Fun Family Garden Stakes
Grandma and Grandpa Garden Stakes

Enchanted Wire Bird Plant Stakes

These wire bird plant stakes work great in a plant pot, or as a trellis for indoor plants. If you put them in a window or on a porch, they’ll also act as a suncatcher since they have large glass stones on them. Learn more on Etsy.

Magical Suncatcher and Plant Stake

These copper and crystal suncatchers are exquisite. They will bring you happiness and make rainbows dance about when the sun catches them in the right way. Help your plants celebrate with these amazing garden stakes. They’re available on Etsy.

Rustic Poppy Garden Stakes

These rustic-looking poppy garden stakes are a great option when it comes to adding an artistic and useful touch to your garden. You can find these and other rustic creations on Etsy.

Fun Family Garden Stakes

These fun family garden stakes are a great way to give everyone in the family a little plot of land to grow their favorite flowers. You’ll find grandma and grandpa garden stakes above. These stakes allow you or a plasma metal artist to cut them out. You receive the digital files for the project. Learn more on Etsy.

Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We are glad that you were able to join us on this magical journey to explore garden stakes. If you have any garden stakes that you use for your plants, we’d love to see photos.

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