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Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re glad that you were able to join us. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re introducing you to Queen Olivia. She is our fairy of the week.

We also have many fun videos for you to be able to enjoy including this one.


Queen Olivia

Queen Olivia The Fairy Queen™ Sticker

Magical Queen Olivia Stickers

Stickers are always fun because they can be used in a number of different ways. Queen Olivia is smiling and wearing her magnificent crown on these stickers which are available in a number of different sizes and formats. She is also surrounded by flowers. Learn more on Redbubble.

Queen Olivia

Queen Olivia The Fairy Queen™ Art Board Print

Enchanted Art Board Prints

Enjoy a little bit of magic as part of the décor in your home. Queen Olivia’s magical photo is available on some beautiful artboard prints. Her castle is also filled with amazing works of art featuring herself, her husband, and all her fairy friends. Find Queen Olivia’s artwork and that of all Teelie Turner’s magical fairies on Redbubble.

Queen Olivia

King Henry And Queen Olivia Of The Fairy Kingdom™ Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Amazing Graphic T-Shirt Dress

This amazing t-shirt dress looks stunning. It is a lovely turquoise color and has Queen Olivia and her husband King Henry on it in front of their palace. Find out more on Redbubble.

Queen Olivia

King Henry And Queen Olivia Of The Fairy Kingdom™ Floor Pillow

Useful and Decorative Floor Pillows

These useful and decorative floor pillows will add a touch of magic to any room. King Henry and Queen Olivia want to thank you for always believing in the magic of fairies and in them. Find these stunning pillows on Redbubble.

Queen Olivia

The King and Queen Fairy Youth Hoodie

Amazing Hoodies

See King Henry and Queen Olivia on a fantastic youth hoodie that is available on Gearbubble. Several different colors are available. Since we’re celebrating International Women’s Day this week, we decided to show you the hot pink hoodie.

Queen Olivia

The King and Queen Fairy Pillowcase

Fun Pillowcases

Enjoy making your bed with some stunning fairy bedding. One option is this pillowcase with King Henry and Queen Olivia’s image on it. Find it on Gearbubble.

Queen Olivia

King Henry and Queen Olivia Metal Ornament

Enchanted Ornaments

These enchanted ornaments featuring King Henry and Queen Olivia are made of metal. They have a beautiful ribbon on them for you to be able to display your ornament. Full details are available on Zazzle.  

Queen Olivia

The Magical Fairy Kingdom Brownie

Delicious Brownies

These incredible and delicious brownies have Queen Olivia and King Henry on them. They aren’t treats for your fairy garden, but for humans to actually be able to enjoy on their tables. They would be a perfect treat for a birthday party, holiday celebration or any time. After all, they’re chocolate and the fairies know it’s always a great time to enjoy something sweet. Learn more about them on Zazzle.

Thank you again for having joined us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Please come back and visit us again soon. There is so much magic to be enjoyed.

Here is a video for your enjoyment.

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