Magical Suggestions for a Valentine’s Fairy Garden

Magical Suggestions for a Valentine's Fairy Garden

Welcome to this week’s magical Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog post. We are thinking about Valentine’s Day which many of the fairies refer to as Fairy Heart Day. This week we’re going to look at eight magical suggestions that you could include in a Valentine’s Fairy Garden.

This video from last Valentine’s Day can also help inspire your Fairy Heart Day fairy garden creation.


Fairy garden
1. Beautiful Fairies Wearing Pink
Beautiful Fairy Addie and Maddie fairy figurine sweet holding hands
2. The Gift of Flowers
Miniature tulips, miniature roses, fairy garden flowers, fairy garden accessories, terrarium accessories, Mini potted flowers
3. Magical Wedding Arch
Miniature fairy garden stone archway trellis with pink flowers and vines
4. Stunning White and Pink Lily
Fairy garden accessory white and pink Lily fairy garden flower little frog and ladybug

Beautiful Fairies Wearing Pink

Pink is a common color for Valentine’s Day. These fairy sisters are named Addie and Maddie. They’re holding hands as they take a beautiful stroll. They both have outfits with pink on them. Invite them to visit your fairy garden by visiting Etsy.

The Gift of Flowers

Flowers are a great gift for Valentine’s Day. You could incorporate your own magical potting station or floral design into your fairy garden. We found some miniature tulips and roses for your enjoyment. Learn more on Etsy.

Magical Wedding Arch

This stone arch with floral accents is beautiful and would be lovely for a Fairy Heart Day wedding or special celebration. Full details are available on Etsy.

Stunning White and Pink Lily

This stunning white and pink lily comes with a friendly little frog and ladybug. It would be a magical accessory for a Valentine’s Fairy Garden. Find it on Etsy.

Valentine's fg
1. Adorable Valentine’s Day Cupcakes
Miniature Little Bear Cupcakes 5 pcs.,Miniature Cake,Miniature Bakery,Miniature Sweets,Dollhouse cake,Cupcakes
2. Enchanted Pink Fairy Door
Fairy Door for Gardeners, Pink with Decorative Butterfly, Vintage Trinket and Gardening Tools (520)
3. Be Serenaded With Music
Guitar Fairy, Fairy Garden Fairy, Fairy Playing Guitar, Fairy Playing Music
4. Romantic Steppingstones
24 or 48 Fairy Steppingstones

Adorable Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

No fairy celebration is complete without delicious sweets. You can find some magical cupcakes with little bears holding hearts on Etsy.

Enchanted Pink Fairy Door

This enchanted pink fairy door is the perfect addition to a Valentine’s Fairy Garden. The door is a lovely shade of pink and has butterfly décor. Butterflies are another special Fairy Heart Day symbol because butterflies have a lot of meaning surrounding them. Sometimes when you allow your heart to fly you can find the perfect match. Find this fairy door on Etsy.

Be Serenaded With Music

This sweet fairy is playing the guitar and will serenade you with some lovely melodies for Fairy Heart Day. Invite her to your fairy garden so all your fairy friends can enjoy the music. Find her on Etsy.

Romantic Steppingstones

These heart-shaped miniature steppingstones have the word love on them. Find them on Etsy and start a magical path for your fairies in your Valentine’s Fairy Garden.

Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope that you had an enchanted visit. If you create a Fairy Heart Day fairy garden, we would love to see pictures.

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