Magical Aprons to Wear While Gardening

Magical Aprons to Wear While Gardening

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Each week we’ll be celebrating a fairy of the week in Fairy Land. Last week Desta the Dragon Fairy was featured, and you can learn more about her in this stunning blog post.  This week it’s Abella the Apron Fairy’s turn to be introduced. You’ll get to see her and several other magical fairies on some of Teelie Turner’s magical aprons which are perfect for gardening, crafting, painting, and cooking.

fairy aprons
1. Abella the Apron Fairy
Abella The Apron Fairy™ Apron
2. Wagonia The Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy
Wagonia The Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy™ Apron
3. Pirate Pete the Pirate Fairy
Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure Apron
4. Gigi the Chic Fairy Valentine’s Apron
Gigi and the Magical Fairy Hearts™ Apron

Abella the Apron Fairy

Abella the Apron Fairy is in charge of all the magical aprons in Fairy Land. In addition to the usual magical uses for aprons, Abella sews special pockets into the aprons that the fairies have in Fairy Land. It allows the fairies to carry around special trinkets. Find Abella the Apron Fairy’s apron on Redbubble.

Wagonia The Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy

We decided to show you Wagonia the Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy apron because wheelbarrows and wagons are commonly used when gardening. Will you be wearing a magical apron to make an enchanted fairy garden? Meet Wagonia on Redbubble.

Pirate Pete the Pirate Fairy

Pirate Pete is a magical pirate fairy. He travels the seas and helps cabin attendants to learn their tasks. You can learn more about Pirate Pete in his book trailer. You can find Pirate Pete’s apron on Redbubble.


Gigi the Chic Fairy Valentine’s Apron

Gigi the Magical Chic Fairy is all set for Valentine’s Day. She is wearing a beautiful pink dress with sparkles on it. She is also surrounded by beautiful hearts. You’ll notice that she isn’t wearing her signature shoes in this picture as she took them off to enjoy the flowers in the meadow. Find this apron and many other Gigi ones on Redbubble.

Fairy aprons
1. Vesta the Valentine’s Fairy
Vesta The Valentines Day Fairy™ Apron
2. Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy’s Bird Friends
Sugarsnap-The Valentine Card Fairy Friends™ Apron
3. Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy
Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy-Loving Her Books™ Apron
4. Windy The Wee Folk Fairy
Windy The Wee Folk Fairy- The Protector Fairy Of Small Magical Creatures™ Apron

Vesta the Valentine’s Fairy

Vesta the Valentine’s Fairy is also excited to share her magical apron with you. On this apron, you’ll see Vesta dressed in purple holding a heart and piece of cake. Learn more about this magical fairy and her collection of merchandise including her apron on Redbubble.

Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy’s Bird Friends

Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy has some magical bird fairies and a heart tree. This beautiful apron is sure to bring a smile to your face every time that you wear it. Find it on Redbubble.

Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy

Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy reads all of Teelie Turner’s books first before they are shared with you. Reading is her favorite thing to do. She is also responsible for sharing each new magical story with the children in Fairy Land. Find Felicia’s aprons on Redbubble.

Windy The Wee Folk Fairy

Meet Windy the Wee Folk Fairy and one of her magical friends on Redbubble. Windy is the protector fairy of the small magical creatures in Fairy Land. Her collection of merchandise includes beautiful aprons with a lovely blue background.

Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden and getting to learn about Abella the Apron Fairy and Teelie Turner’s magical fairy aprons. We hope you’ll come back and see us again soon. Many magical things are happening in Fairy Land.

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