Make it Blue, Make it Pink, and Make it a Fairy Tea Party!

The fairies have been working very hard for spring, and now that summer is coming, the greens will only grow brighter and the flowers will be at their most beautiful. The birds will be chirping and the fruits will be ripening rapidly under the golden sun.

Most of these splendid, magical things happening in nature have been made all been made even more vibrant and beautiful by the fairies that have been working hard. And make no mistake; they too are enjoying the rewards of their hard work! There’s a fairy tea party set out in the Fairy Garden; it’s got the blues of the sky and the sea, combined with the bright pink of blossoms that have been growing everywhere.

This is a tea party spread out for the fairies to allow them to enjoy the weather. Everyone deserves a day off after all the adventures and work they have done for most of the season. This fairy tea party of bright pink gems and cake, full of color and sweetness, would let four fairy friends sit around and enjoy some sweet treats.

1. The Blue Flower Fairy Teapot

It looks like it’s just the thing that has been carefully passed down from generation to generation of fairies. Made of fine china and decorated in deep blue and adorned with the colors of springtime flowers, this enchanted teapot has a secret: it never runs out! Fairy magic has cast a spell on it so that any tea blended in it will simply pour on. Get it with the set at Etsy.

2. Pink Polka Dot Fairy Tea Party Mat

To match the beautiful pink and blue colors of the teapot, the sugar jar, and the fairy milk jug, a splendid mat all in pale rose pink and white polka dots has been laid out beneath the whole meal. It’s bright and soft, catching the eye, and makes the whole tea party look so inviting as it shines under the sun. Get the mat with the set at Etsy.

3. The Fairy Tea Party Cups and Saucers

To match the enchanted tea pot and the everlasting sugar jar, the china set out for the tea party are also white and blue, adorned with pink and blue roses. There’s a cup and a saucer for each fairy that will be coming to the tea party, enough to serve four. It could be a small group of fairy friends, or even a little fairy family, looking forward to enjoying some tea under the afternoon sun. Get the set at Etsy.

4. The Pink Tea Gems

You must have noticed them, sparkling under the sunbeams and filling each of the white and blue cups: the bright crystal pink gemstones. Why would such pretty, sparkling pink diamonds be sitting inside fairy tea cups? Filled with magic, the stones are special. Not only will they be gifts to the fairies, but they can turn the tea into any kind of tea that a fairy wishes. Get the gems with the set at Etsy.

5. Perfectly Precious Pastries for Everyone

Each of the four fairies that have come to this tea party will enjoy a different type of fairy pastry delight. Made by the fairy bakers and pastry chefs, each one is a unique sweet treat—so every fairy’s taste can be satisfied! There’s a bit of strawberry crème cheesecake, a pink sprinkled cupcake, a vanilla sponge with chocolate drizzle, and of course, the taste of summer, a blueberry cheesecake. What delicious things to have with tea! Get them all with the set at Etsy.

6. The Pink Tea Rose

In the middle of the spread is a beautiful tea rose, shimmering like it was made of pink candy. This enchanted rose fills the area with the scent of an entire field of flowers. It keeps the entire fairy party glowing under the sun and emits a magic that keeps everyone soothed and happy. It might not look like much of a centerpiece, but it’s magic is very welcome in fairy tea parties! Get it with the set at Etsy.

But all these wonderful things may not be enough if some extra guests decide to come by. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy some delicious treats with some fine fairy tea this summer? The fairies would certainly welcome new friends to join in and partake in the meal. If there are plenty of fairies in your garden, you might want to consider adding a few more things so everyone can be accommodated.

7. The Leafy Chair and Table Set

It’s much easier to sit comfortably and talk to all the party guests when you’re all seated around a round table. This leafy table and chair set has been carefully hewn by fairy craftsmen out of young wood. The green of the table and the chairs will make the blue and the pink of the tea party look even more striking! But since there are only two tables, you might want to get extras so every fairy has a place. Get it in the Fairy Garden.

8. The Blue and White China Set

In keeping with the theme of blue, white, and florals in the tea party, the visiting fairies can be accommodated with another set of blue and white china like this one. There’s another enchanted teapot, as well as a milk jug. It also has enough delicate china cups and saucers for four more fairy friends who will be joining the tea party. Get them at Etsy.

9. The Rose Cake

This is an extra treat for everyone in the tea party: It’s a heart-shaped rose tea cake. It’s perfectly pink to match the rest of the food and the spread of the tea party. It’s even heaped with beautiful pink and white roses, harkening back to the flowers of spring and summertime. It’s the perfect thing to share between the fairy friends in the tea party! Get it at the Fairy Garden’s Etsy.

10. Rose Sparkle Cakes

Finally, with everyone already having a slice of the heart shaped rose cake to share, each of the guests will also get their own personal fairy cake, as the first four fairies have received. They can enjoy these beautiful personal fairy cakes. They’re also brilliantly pink, sparkling under the sunlight, and each topped with a delicate sugar rose. Get it at Etsy.

Now that everyone is served, it’s time to have a toast and celebrate the fairy party full of friends! Enjoy summer and celebrate—there’s so much more magic to come.

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