Wild Side: Animals to Visit Your Summer Fairy Garden

Spring is when the animals come awake from the long hibernation through the winter season. And now that summer is here, the animals have begun to forage and explore, moving about in the big bright world, gathering food, building their little families, making friends, and finding new places to live in!

A fairy garden is one of the best places where little fairy animals can visit. Fairies are naturally attentive and caring to animals, fond of looking after them and making sure they’re healthy. Fairies protect the forest and the green, and the animals are a part of that forest. In return, the animals also help out the fairies in the day-to-day things to do; they bring them gifts of fruit, help them carry things for errands, and some of them even become familiars to the fairies. Familiars are guardians and close friends that join a fairy wherever they go.

This summer, it’s time to open the doors of your fairy garden to welcome some of the most adorable town and woodland animals that are looking for a new home. Don’t get left out of the welcome wagon—fairy gardens everywhere have been gathering up their adorable creatures!

1. The Frog and the Mouse

What could this charming green frog and fluffy mouse be reading? Perhaps these two, a pair of unusual animal friends, are reading fairy stories. Stories of fairies and their magical adventures are always a welcome thing to share between two friends, especially if they’re coming to live in a fairy garden! Get the frog and the mouse in Etsy.

2. The Reading Rabbit

This rabbit is reading too. He is probably reading a book about birds, made by the fairies. Flying fairies know all about birds, especially since they come across them so often midair as they do their errands or explore new places. This rabbit is reading to the bird that has alighted on his book. Perhaps he’s trying to get to know him a little better! Get the rabbit at Etsy.

3. The Laughing Hedgehog

Why, this is a wonderful book, the hedgehog might say, since he’s reading too. He’s laughing, so perhaps he’s reading a funny book that the fairies have loaned out. Reading under the summer sunshine, enjoying his new home in the fairy garden, it’s not a surprise that there’s so much joy in this little hedgehog’s face. There’s so much magic to read about and experience! Get the hedgehog at Etsy.

4. The Turtle and the Duck

These two friends must have met at a fairy pond. The turtle, glad that the ice has melted and that the sun warms the water of the pond, would enjoy foraging for something nice to eat while swimming alongside this fluffy duck. The duck is one of the new ducklings that had been raised by a mother duck this spring, and he’s learning to make new friends in the fairy garden this summer. Meet them both in Etsy.

5. The Puppy and the Kitten

Spring and summer are full of new life! This puppy and this kitten were born just this spring. Unlike the usual stories of cats and dogs, these two have become fast friends in the fairy garden, where they have plenty of room to romp about and play. The kitten is fond of curling up against the puppy, and the puppy loves having a friend as energetic as him to play with! Meet them both at Etsy.

6. The Mother Fox and her Kit

Speaking of wonderful new life coming into the fairy garden, this mother fox has come bearing her little fox kit. The kit is still very young, born just this spring, and he is clearly marveling at all the brilliant colors of spring that had burst into bloom. Still, the little kit is not quite willing to leave mother’s watchful side just yet, and frequently returns to her care. The fairies will be very glad to look after this mother and her baby! Meet them at Etsy.

7. The Dappled Fawn

Here’s another baby that had been born just this spring and is now looking for a place to live in the fairy garden! This long-legged fawn is still a little awkward on his spindly legs, but he’s done quite a bit of strutting around, meeting the other new animals in the garden. While the mother doe is away to find food for him, he’s relaxing under the shade and curled up on a fairy tree stump. Meet him at Etsy.

8. The Wise Owls of the Fairy Garden Animals

The owls are the wisest of animals in the fairy garden, and among the most magical. Like foxes and deer, there’s a certain woodland magic around owls that are wholly their own. They’re known to take refuge in fairy gardens without having to be invited, as they get along with the fairies quite well. They offer up their wisdom of the ages to help with fairy magic. These two owls have watched over fairy gardens for a long time. Meet them at Etsy.

9. The Mischievous Squirrels

Sometimes fairies will hear chattering above them in the branches of the trees. It almost sounds like laughter! What these cheeky, mischievous little squirrels are giggling about, no one is quite sure, but it sure seems as though they’re simply having a most magical time in the fairy garden! These two hugging squirrels will happily bring over plenty of nuts and berries that they find, enough to share with everyone in the garden. Meet them at Etsy.

10. The Howling Wolf

Finally, one of the rare, majestic wolves might pad in with quiet paws into the fairy garden. Every bit as full of magic as the deer, the foxes, and the owls, the mighty wolves howl up to the blue summer moon, filling the entire wood with a tingling sense of deep magic. These powerful animals travel in packs, or sometimes alone, just like this magical lone wolf that has come to visit. See him at Etsy.

So many wonderful creatures, from the familiar to the rare, all fill the woodlands and the fairy gardens with fresh new life and animal magic. Make them welcome into a fairy garden, and watch how they and the fairies form the most adorable community of creatures that make the forests so lively!

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