Give Me A Sign! New Signs for a Fairy Garden

One of the cleverest additions to make in a fairy garden would be to add some charming signs that offer an entertaining glimpse into what life in the fairy garden might be like. There are many different signs that you could add to a fairy garden; it could demarcate a certain section in the garden, offer some adorable reminders, or even introduce another magical aspect that the onlooker might not immediately see. That’s why you should definitely “give them a sign” and let them know what exactly is going on in a little fairy garden!

What could the fairies of the garden be up to around here? Have a look at these signs and see!

1. Welcome, and Believe in Us!

These wonderful little old-fashioned wooden signs are just the thing to plant into the entrance of the fairy garden. It welcomes visitors, humans and fairies alike into the grand fairy garden, and reminds them to believe in the fairies that live and play within. After all, fairies need us to believe in them as much as we need to believe in their magic! Get the signs at the Fairy Garden.

2. Tread Lightly, Fairy Visitor!

This sign has a very pointed reminder: “Don’t Piss Off the Fairies!” As fairy lore all around the world may remind you, it is a terrible idea to upset a fairy. They may be small, but they’re full of magic. They can cast powerful spells and even jinxes if they were quite offended. Remember to be kind, polite, and respectful to these tiny magical creatures! Get the sign at the Fairy Garden.

3. It’s Naptime in the Garden

Shhh…visitors might want to lighten their steps as they go through the fairy garden. This sign that the fairies are in bed and sleeping soundly may keep them from poking around the little fairy houses and fairy beds. You wouldn’t want to wake up a cranky fairy now, would you? Get the sign at the Fairy Garden.

4. Fairies are Always Welcome!

Is it a new fairy garden? Did a brand new fairy village get built? Adding some fairy signs like this one will let the traveling fairies passing by know that they’re more than welcome to come in and stay awhile! Who knows—if the fairy garden has all the space, they might just want to stay for a longer time; perhaps even forever! Get this sign at the Fairy Garden.

5. Signs to the Magical Villages

This is a wonderful little sign for a garden so big that it’s become a little community. The signpost has a little arrow that points towards the village where fairies live, while the other arrow points towards the village where the garden gnomes live! This way, fairy garden visitors will know immediately just where to head off to. Get the sign at the Fairy Garden.

6. There is No Place Like a Fairy Home

Just like it says in the magical story of Dorothy in the Emerald City of Oz, there’s just no place like home. Surely the fairies that live in the garden will agree! This beautiful sign, with its curling lettering and adornment of colorful flowers, lets everyone human and fairy alike remember that home is simply where the heart is. Get the sign at Etsy.

7. It’s Time to Head for the Beach!

Got fairies that are headed to the beach? Has a magical little beach appeared in the fairy garden for the fairies to play in this summer? Make sure to add a little sign and let everyone in the garden know that it’s time to have some fun in the sun and the surf! Fairies will definitely be looking out for a sign like this one for their summer vacation. Get the sign at Etsy.

8. This Way to the Mermaids’ Cove

Where there’s a beach, there’s likely to be mermaids. The magical, fish-tailed counterparts of the fairies that live in the sea are more than willing to visit the fairy garden. If a magical mermaid cove has appeared in the garden, add a sign like this one to let the visiting fairies know that their aquatic friends are waiting for them to come play! Get the sign at Etsy.

9. Warning: Magical Fire Hazard

Fairies have been known to befriend dragons as they are equally rare and equally full of magic in the enchanted world they live in. Fairies working together with dragons usually train the latter in just to make sure that no untoward fiery accidents happen. Just to make sure, add a little stone sign like this one to make sure no one wanders too close and gets breathed fire at. Get the sign at Etsy.

10. Believe in the Fairies

Finally, this wooden sign is something that every fairy garden must have. It’s a reminder that everyone here, including and especially the humans, believe in the magic of fairies. It’s a belief that with a little bit of fairy magic, anyone—big or small—can make anything possible. Get this wooden sign at Etsy.

Put up a little sign and let guests and passerby know that fairies and other magical creatures are living nearby! They might just want to have a look and visit the magical world of fairies.

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