Cornucopia: A Platter of Fairy Garden Veggies!

Summer bounties are always so rich and nourished by the sunshine. No one knows that better than the fairies that tend to the gardens and farms. This year’s summer veggies and fruits are coming along very nicely, growing strong and bountiful on the vine with the careful tending and magical green thumbs of the fairies in the garden looking after them!

The fairies have been gathering so many wonderful things from this cornucopia of plenty that they’ve prepared a fine fresh veggie platter to show them off. There are plenty of healthy goodies to share on this platter—just have a look!

1. Fresh Fairy Garden Veggies

The fairies have worked very hard and very lovingly tending to the plants in their vegetable gardens and farms. They protected them through the winter, and coaxed them to grow through the spring, and now they’re presenting a wonderful abundance of food! There’s fresh sweet corn, brightly colored peppers, broccoli that look like little peas, crunchy peas, the freshest and biggest carrots, and even big purple eggplants. Who wouldn’t be craving for something fresh and good after seeing all this abundance? See them with the set in Etsy.

2. The Finest Fresh Fairy Fruits

The fruits are no less stunning. At the center of the big platter sits a perfectly round orange, brightly colored and flawless. Just imagine fairy fruit trees growing, with the bright citrus fruits peeping out from the green leaves of the trees! There are even some fresh cherry tomatoes on the platter, along with a side of the juiciest strawberries—just the thing to add to any of the fairies’ favorite desserts! The fruit comes with the set at Etsy.

3. Ceramic Serving Platter

The big platter is very important—what better way could there be to show off all the different things that grow from the rich earth tended by fairy magic? Each of the different fruits and vegetables are properly showcased. And best of all, with their colors all standing out, it looks like a rainbow array of goodies! Such a tantalizing sight would make fairies and humans want to pick out some of these wonderful grown things to eat. See it with the set at Etsy.

4. Polka Dot Summer Mat

And nothing sets off all those colors more than with a lovely little polka dotted fairy mat beneath it all, in the same color as the bright sunshine that grew all those veggies and fruits. With the pretty mat, everything seems to come together as a whole. And it makes a great tablecloth for a fairy’s table afterward! Get it together with the set at Etsy.

5. The Curious Snuffling Hedgehog

It’s not just the fairies and the humans of the fairy garden expressing some appreciation for these fine fruits and vegetables gathered from the gardens. A little brown hedgehog has been snuffling his little brown snout at the platter. As a semi-permanent resident of the plant gardens, he too had been watching these fruits and vegetables grow with anticipation since he’d awoken for spring. Now he’s hoping he can get a bit of these goodies to eat too! Meet him with the set at Etsy.

6. A Crusty Loaf of Fairy French Bread

Here’s something else that’s been homegrown—a crusty loaf of freshly baked bread. The wheat that made this beautiful loaf of bread had been grown right in the fairy farms, and the wheat had been milled to perfection by the fairies of the mill. The flour was passed to the bakers and it was baked into this wonderful loaf that everyone can share along with the vegetables. See it with the set at Etsy.

There are other wonderful things to be found that are all about the things that had been homegrown and homemade by the fairies in the garden! See what else has appeared in the garden:

7. A Harvest of Hanging Spices

Spice is the flavor of life when it comes to food, and the fairies with all their gardens have also grown some! You’ll spot these cloves of garlic, bulbs of onion, bundles of chilis, and dried corn all carefully tied together and hanging off the wall of any fairy kitchen, ready to be plucked up and used for the day’s cooking. Get these spices in Etsy.

8. Jars and Jars of Pickled Vegetables

The summer has become a cornucopia of so much plenty that the fairies have decided to carefully preserve some of the food to eat later. It’s never too early to start stocking up for the leaner months, after all! The fairies are now carefully pickling their vegetables into these little jars, sealing them up and putting them away. They’ll be so good to enjoy later! See the jars of vegetables at Etsy.

9. Homemade Fairy Jam and Preserves

And where there’s fruit, there’s got to be jam, jellies, marmalades, and preserves! The berries and fruits have been gathered up by the fairies, with a considerable number of them getting turned into delicious fresh jam, jellies to add to desserts, and preserves to eat. From orange marmalades to the best strawberry jam, there’s no telling how many sweet things could be made. See them jams at Etsy.

10. A Fairy Pantry Full of Food!

Finally, where else are all these fresh and pickled veggies going to be stocked in but in a fine fairy pantry? The pickled vegetable jars are carefully stocked up into these cupboards, along with the fresh and preserved fruits. Even the bread gets a spot on the shelf. The fairy pantries will get stocked this season! See the cupboard at Etsy.

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