A Dose of Fairy Dragons!

A Dose of Fairy Dragons

Small, fire breathing, and absolutely adorable; a group of small, scaly fairy dragons have arrived into the fairy garden! It’s understandable that grown, full-sized dragons may be more than a little frightening. But these colorful little creatures aren’t grown up; in fact, they’ve just been hatched!

You may have seen a bunch of playful, curious fairy dragons tottering around the fairy garden, especially on the “What’s New” page. One of the things that people may not realize about little dragons is that they love exploring new things, as they’re so young and full of magic. Just like little children, they’re very eager to learn about the world! Fairy dragons, in particular, have lots to learn. They grow up to be protectors of the real, friends to fairies and beloved helpmates. These tiny creatures must learn all they can about the world so they can grow up to be the best fairy dragons they could be.

1.  The Red Dragon Hatchling and the Butterfly

Contrary to what you may think, dragons aren’t really all that scary; particularly ones that have been raised by fairies. This little red dragon, for example, newly hatched and tiny, is having a great time learning about the world! A little butterfly has landed down, and he’s quite curious about such a tiny thing that flies just like he does, but with such different wings! See him at the What’s New page.

2. The Reading Fairy Dragon

Dragons, even baby ones, love to hoard all sorts of things, and some of them, like this little hatchling, like to hoard knowledge. It appears he’s found one of the wonderful books in the fairy garden and have decided to read right through it! There’s no doubt that this little dragon will grow up to be a Guardian of the Books one day, if he keeps reading so voraciously. See him at the What’s New page.

3. Nap Time for Fairy Dragons!

Whew! All that playtime is hard work for little dragons! This little one has started to nod off. Perhaps a little nap is what he needs to get recharged. Dragons love their sleep; many stories about them do speak of them napping for a long time. But a little dragon like this one won’t need all that sleep until he’s much older. Meet him at the What’s New page.

4. Rex the Green Dragon

This hatchling is by far the cleverest among the others. He has his flight goggles ready and he’s very keen to get back to his flying lessons! Little dragons typically learn how to fly from their parents and the fairies that watch over them. Rex is quite anxious to get going as he seems to really love his flying lessons! Meet him at the What’s New page.

5. The Twin Fairy Dragons

Some dragons are born with a built-in playmate. Like these adorable twins that just love each other so much! They hatched from the same egg and love flying and playing everywhere together. They’re a two for one treasure that hatched right in the fairy garden to bring some mischief and joy. Meet them at Etsy.

6. Curious Green Dragon

This big hatchling is much larger than the other hatchlings; with his large head, he looks as though he’d grow up to be a fairy knight’s dragon mount, fit for protecting the whole realm. Still, he’s not so scary—he is carefully observing a little butterfly that has landed on his nose. He will surely grow up learning how to care for all the other creatures of the forest. Meet him in Etsy.

7. One Big Roar!

Dragon roars are famous—they’re deafening booms that sound like thunderclap through the forest, striking fear into the hearts of nightmarish creatures that peer around in the shadows. So this little dragon is carefully learning how to make his own roar sound as big as he could. He’s not doing quite so well yet, but practice makes perfect! Meet him at Etsy.

8. The Gardener Dragon

What a helpful little girl! This hatchling is being looked after by a fairy that tends after flower gardens, and natural, she is also starting to learn how to help out. The watering can is still a little too big and heavy for her to carry with her little wings while flying—wouldn’t it be so easy if she was big enough to sprinkle water down from above?—but she’s doing her best to help anyway. Meet her in Etsy.

9. The Traveling Dragon

This little hatchling is has been out on an adventure. He hatched by himself out in the forest, and is now looking or a new home. He’s come upon this little sign. Perhaps it’s leading him right to the fairy garden, where he’ll be able to find himself a new home! Meet him at Etsy.

10. The Sleepy Dragons

At the end of a long day, it’s time for tired little dragons to rest. Everyone learned a lot today about how the world works and how each of them can grow up and help add magic into the fairy garden. For now, after a sprinkling of some sleeping sand, the hatchlings are going to sleep, dreaming of wonderful fairy dreams. See them at Etsy.

Apart from the dragons, something magical is brewing in the Fairy Garden. You might have already seen it, as a loyal fairy friend. But the fairies are about to unveil something very soon. Keep a close eye around the garden; something just as wonderful as these beautiful little dragons will be appearing every week in the fairy garden soon!

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