Meet Some Magical Fairies Who Love Spring

Spring in Fairy Land

Depending on where you live in the world, you might already be experiencing some spring-like weather. The fairies love to celebrate spring and what better way to do that than with gardening and outdoors activities? Today we’re going to introduce you to some fairies and their love of spring. And later, we hope you take a tour of Teelie’s Fairy Garden. There is so much to see there for spring and Easter. 

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springtime fairies
1. Fairies Love to Garden
PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies – Miniature Accessories – 2 Garden Fairies – Fairy Garden Supplies
2. Making Magic in the Dirt
Fairy Gardening Miniature Kneeling Fairy w/Shovel
3. Tertia the Teacup Planter Fairy
Tertia The Teacup Planter Fairy Sticker
4. Wagonia the Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy
Wagonia The Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy Tote Bag

Fairies Love to Garden

The first fairies that we’re going to introduce you to are Mia and Cara. These two fairies love to garden and gather bouquets of beautiful flowers for their family and friends. They like to wear bright colored clothing so that their friends the honeybees see them when they’re in the garden. You can find a Mia and Cara figurine on Amazon.

Making Magic in the Dirt

Our next fairy likes to be a bit mysterious and we don’t know her name, although she certainly has one. The Naming Fairy would have seen to that. She can be seen wearing a pretty pink dress and a leaf hat digging in the garden. A figurine of this fairy is also available on Amazon.

Tertia the Teacup Planter Fairy

Meet Tertia the Teacup Planter Fairy. She likes to drink tea but that isn’t her mission when it comes to teacups. No, her job is to look after the teacups which are used as planters. They might seem small to you, but fairies are very tiny and don’t need much space for their fairy gardens. Or, you could build a teacup village. Tertia has her own collection of merchandise and we decided to show you a sticker which has her picture on it. You can find Tertia’s sticker and full collection on Redbubble. Tertia wants to wish you happy gardening.

Wagonia the Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy

When it comes to spring and gardening, having a wheelbarrow or a wagon to use to haul around mulch, plants or gardening tools is very handy. There is a fairy named Wagonia who is responsible for ensuring that all wagons and wheelbarrows are in tip top shape throughout Fairy Land, so that when fairies and gnomes go to use them, everything runs smoothly. Wagonia also has her own collection of merchandise which includes an adorable tote bag which is available on Redbubble.

1. Nestie Shimmer the Birdhouses and Nests Fairy
Nestie Shimmer The Birdhouses & Nests Fairy Case & Skin for Samsung Galaxy
2. Fossette the Fences and Ladders Fairy
Fossette the Fences and Ladders Fairy Spiral Notebook
3. Tivona the Toadstool and Mushroom Fairy
Tivona the Toadstool and Mushroom Fairy Zipper Pouch
4. Elisa the Easter Fairy
Elisa The Easter Fairy Travel Mug

Nestie Shimmer the Birdhouses and Nests Fairy

Birds and birdhouses are another sign of spring’s arrival. Nestie Shimmer is a fairy who is responsible for making sure that all birdhouses and birds’ nests are decorated for our feathered friends. Nestie especially loves things that glitter. Nestie has her own collection of merchandise on Redbubble which includes a case and skin for the Samsung Gallery phone.

Fossette the Fences and Ladders Fairy

Fossette the Fences and Ladders Fairy has also taken a few minutes out of her busy day to wish you a wonderful spring. Fossette makes sure that fences are ladders are in excellent shape around Fairy Land. The other fairies really appreciate this as it makes their job a lot easier. While they could fly, sometimes if they’re in the presence of humans, they don’t want to risk it and prefer to use a ladder instead of flying. Fossette’s collection of merchandise is also available on Redbubble and she decided to show you her spiral notebook.

Tivona the Toadstool and Mushroom Fairy

Pixies and gnomes love to be able to play and hide around the toadstools and the fairies find them a great place to rest. Tivona is the fairy responsible for caring for all toadstools and mushrooms in Fairy Land. She’s developed her own collection of mushrooms which includes a pouch with a zipper, which is available on Redbubble. The fairies love them for keeping small items inside.

Elisa the Easter Fairy

The last fairy we’re going to introduce you to today is Elisa the Easter fairy. She is often also referred to as Eliza. She loves this time of year as it is her busiest and most exciting season. She’s great friends with the Easter Bunny and they get to have lots of chats in the springtime. Elisa wants to show you the travel mug from her collection which is available on Redbubble.

Thanks for joining us. We hope that you and the fairies that we introduced you to today had a great visit. Make sure to come back soon to Teelie’s Fairy Garden because spring and magic are in the air.

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