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Enchanted Eight: Discover the Magic of Spring in Fairy Land

Hello fairy lovers. It’s time for another Enchanted Eight. The fairies have got eight wonderful selections for you. They want you to discover the magic of spring in Fairy Land. The fairies were so inspired by their Enchanted Eight this week that they created a video for you:

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Rabbits are Getting Ready for Easter

While Easter is six weeks away, the rabbits are getting ready for this special holiday. Rabbits are great friends with chickens and in this adorable scene a rabbit drives a cart filled with eggs that is being pulled by an Easter chick. Don’t worry, the chick is more than capable of pulling the cart because in Fairy Land magical things can happen. You can find a figurine of this adorable scene on Amazon.

Doorway to Magic

Every fairy garden requires a fairy door that the fairies can fly through and that the animals in Fairy Land can use when they go for a visit. This charming cobblestone door is a favorite for the fairies. It is engraved with the words ‘Everyday holds new magic.’ What a beautiful thought. This spring many fairies will be leaving Fairy Land and going down into the human world to become the caretaker of a fairy garden and the fairies will be looking for a sign like this door to help them know that they have found the home of a believer. You can find this beautiful door on Amazon.

Rabbits are Working in their Gardens

This little rabbit made it into last week’s Enchanted Eight but since it was so cute, the fairies insisted on sharing it again this week. This little rabbit loves its vegetables and is pictured with a turnip. It spends its days working in the garden so that its large family has lots of tasty vegetables to eat. You can find a figurine of this bunny and its turnip on Amazon.

Rabbits and Their Friends Take  Road Trips

Rabbits like to go on road trips with their friends. Today, a bunny is going for a ride in a carrot vehicle and taking a little chick with it. Where they’re going, we’re not sure but we know that the rabbit and chick will have a wonderful time and meet lots of fairies and have lots of adventures along the way. You can own a figurine of this cute scene by visiting Amazon.

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Rabbits are Creative

Rabbits are very creative and in addition to turning their carrots into automobiles, they have also been turning them into airplanes. And,  because these rabbits are good friends with the fairies, they have been able to get the fairies to help them out with their transportation projects. The fairies used a light sprinkling of their fairy dust to make these veggie planes fly. You can buy a bunny and plane on Amazon.

Rabbits and Fairies Read Outside

The fairies also loved this little reading rabbit last week in their Enchanted Eight but since they love reading so much, they wanted to share it with you again. They have been reading a lot of great stories about Easter, which is one of the rabbits’ favorite subjects. One of the books that they really like is Eliza, the Easter Fairy by Teelie Turner. You can find this adorable figurine on Amazon.

Fairies Love to Garden

Fairies love to garden, and they want their humans to be able to garden too. That’s why they’re glad that special fairy garden kits like this one on Amazon have been created to make things easier for gardeners. This one includes lights and music and some beautiful flowers that would make any fairy proud to call it their home.

Fairies Delight in Outdoor Activities

Fairies love being outside especially in the spring as the days get warmer and they can do a variety of activities. The fairy merchants located this five-piece fairy set on Amazon. In this set, we have fairies doing a variety of activities around a pond including playing with a dog, reading, and gardening.

Thank you for joining us on this spring adventure in Fairy Land. The fairies hope that the sun is shining where you are and that you’re looking forward to flowers sprouting and fun times like Easter egg hunts. Please be sure to come back and visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden as there will be lots more spring and Easter news coming over the next few weeks.

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