Meet some Magical Garden Fairies

Meet some Magical Garden Fairies

Hello fairy friends, this week is very exciting in Fairy Land as we’re going to be launching including our ‘Meet the Fairies’ book/catalogue and our ‘Super Summer Fairy Garden DIY Report’.  We’ll share the links with you once they are available. To celebrate the launch of these two magical guides, we’d like to introduce you to eight incredible fairies that have a garden connection. Once you’ve met them, we hope that you’ll continue to walk through the pathways in Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

Meet the Fairies
1. Enjoy Art with Idalis
Idalis the Indoor Gardening Fairy™ Acrylic Block
2. Get Comfortable with Quiana
Qiana the Outdoor Gardening Fairy™ Throw Pillow
3. Have Fun With Watrina
Watrina The Watering Can, Tool And Flowerpot Fairy™ Sticker
4. Dress Up With Wagonia
Wagonia The Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy™ Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

Enjoy Art with Idalis

Idalis is the fairy in charge of indoor fairy gardening. She also has her own incredible collection of merchandise on Redbubble which includes this acrylic art block. It could brighten up an area of your home.

Get Comfortable with Quiana

Quiana is the fairy responsible for outdoor fairy gardens. She also wants the gardens to be able to be comfortable and relax after they’re gardening. That’s why she decided to show you the throw pillows from her collection of merchandise which is available on Redbubble.

Have Fun With Watrina

Gardeners require lots of different tools to be able to look after their gardens, whether they’re inside or outside, large, or small. Watrina the Watering Can, Tool and Flowerpot Fairy is always ready to help with all the gardening necessities. She also had her photo put on a collection of magical fairy merchandise which is available on Redbubble. She wanted to share her sticker with you. She hopes that you have lots of fun with them.  And watch for our magical fairy sticker club which will be launching soon.

Dress Up With Wagonia

Wagonia is the Wheelbarrows and Wagons Fairy. This makes moving plants and gardening supplies a lot easier. She and Watrina often work closely together. Wagonia wanted you to see her fitted scoop T-shirt which is part of her collection of fairy products. The full collection is available on Redbubble.

Meet the Fairies
1. Start Your Button Collection with Nestie Shimmer
Nestie Shimmer The Birdhouses & Nests Fairy™ Pin Button
2. Let Fatunie Smile For You
Fatunie The Birdbath and Fountain Fairy™ Mask
3. Prepare for Back to School With Waneta
Waneta the Wicker Furniture Fairy™ Backpack
4. Get Cook’n with Tivona
Tivona the Toadstool and His Mushroom Friend ™ Apron

Start Your Button Collection with Nestie Shimmer

Nestie Shimmer is another magical fairy that you might enjoy meeting. She is the fairy responsible for birdhouses and nests. Included in her collection of merchandise are collectible pin buttons. A special fairy button club will be launching soon, and this could be a great button to start your collection with. Find it on Redbubble.

Let Fatunie Smile For You

Birdbaths and fountains can be a fun addition to a miniature or full-sized garden. Fatunie is the fairy in charge of birdbaths and fountains. She loves watching humans and fairies and birds enjoy these special exterior garden additions. Fatunie also took time out of her busy schedule to pose in front of the camera for a magical collection of merchandise. You’ll find her on a reusable cloth mask on Redbubble.

Prepare for Back to School With Waneta

Do you need a backpack for when you go back to school? Waneta the Wicker Furniture Fairy is pleased to be able to share her incredible craft with you in a new way – through her magical collection of merchandise. Her backpack and all other items in her collection are available on Redbubble.

Get Cook’n with Tivona

The fairies will soon be launching their ‘Get Cook’n with the Fairies’ Club which will feature their magical aprons. One of the fairies to be featured in the fairies’ magical apron collection is Tivona, the Toadstool  and Mushroom Fairy. You can find Tivona’s apron and other merchandise on Redbubble. He hopes you have a great time creating art, gardening, or cooking with your magical fairy apron.

Thanks for taking the time to meet these eight magical fairies. They’re looking forward to more adventures with you in Fairy Land.The Meet the Fairies Catalogue / Book is now available here Keep watching for updates from Teelie’s Fairy Garden as we have several exciting things happening in the next few weeks including launching some new fairy books and magical fairy clubs. We’re also available on social media and Bloglovin’ and would love to hear from you.


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