Creating a Magical Fairy Garden for Children

Child In Fairy Garden

This week’s Teelie’s Fairy Garden post is going to show you some kits that  children will love to have to create their magical fairy garden. We’ll also show you a few individual miniature items which can be used for inspiration in a DIY fairy garden.

Fairy Gardens for Kids
1. Fairy Playdough Kit
The Fairy Garden Kit
2. Magical Garden Spa Kit
Fairy Garden Kit, Kids Fairy Kit, Fairy Garden Spa Kit
3. Enchanted Unicorn Fairy Garden
Magical Fairy Garden Set
4. Creative Fairy Garden Kit
Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit - Fairy Crafts for Kids

Fairy Play Dough Kit

We found a magical play dough kit that features a fairy. Your children could enjoy hours of fun building magical structures, flowers, magic wands, mushroom toadstools or whatever their imaginations can conjure up. Find it on Etsy.

Magical Garden Spa Kit

Our next fairy garden kit can be found on Etsy and is absolutely adorable. Full details can be found online but it includes a fairy house, birdhouse and several miniature figures including some that are a surprise.

Enchanted Unicorn Fairy Garden

We also found an enchanted unicorn fairy garden kit that is filled with a magical selection of items. Full details are available on Etsy.

Creative Fairy Garden Kit

Our fairy merchants also located a creative fairy garden kit that is made specifically for children on Amazon. It includes everything needed for making a fairy garden including Hannah the flower fairy.

Creating Children's Fairy Gardens
1. Toddler’s Fairy Garden
Greenbo Fairy Garden Kits for Girls and Boys Kids Gardening Set with Cool Mist Spraying Function Indoor Outdoor Play Activity Gardening Tool Set Toys for Kids Toddlers Ages 3 up
2. Assemble Your Own Magical Fairy Garden
Adorable Pastel Unicorns, Miniature Unicorns, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Barbie, Fairy Pets, Gold Unicorn Horns, Sweet Unicorns, Pastel
3. Adorable Fairy Garden Ideas
The Hedgehogs Have Arrived, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Barbie, Fairy, Fairies, Brown, Cute Faces, Adorable, Fairy Pets, Pets
4. Fairy Garden Princess
Fairy Princess, blue

Toddler’s Fairy Garden

Our fairy merchants also found a wonderful kit for toddlers. It even includes a cool mist spraying function for lots of magic and fun. Full details are available on Amazon.

Assemble Your Own Magical Fairy Garden

A great way to learn more about your children and have their use their imagination and creativity is by assembling your own magical fairy garden with them. There are an unlimited number of possibilities when you begin searching for fairy miniatures and mixing and matching your children’s favorites. We decided to show you some adorable unicorns. You get to choose which color fairy you would like when you order. The fairy in the image is just to give you suggestions and doesn’t come with your unicorn pet. Find it on Etsy at Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

Adorable Fairy Garden Ideas

Teelie’s Fairy Garden also has some adorable hedgehogs for sale. With this offer you receive one hedgehog. The accessories in the photo are just to give you ideas of how you might want to display your hedgehog in the garden. Allow your child’s imagination to go wild as they venture into Fairy Land. Find your hedgehog on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Princess

The final item that we decided to show you for today’s children’s fairy garden feature is a fairy princess dressed in blue. We know that some children love to play pretend and that having a magical fairy in the garden will help to make it even more special. Find her on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting us and exploring these children’s fairy garden ideas with us. We hope that you and your children enjoy creating. They also make wonderful gifts which a friend or family member can give as a gift. Keep watching for updates from Teelie’s Fairy Garden as we have several exciting things happening in the next few weeks including the launch of our ‘Meet the Fairies’ book/catalogue and our ‘Super Summer Fairy Garden DIY Report’.  We’re also available on social media and Bloglovin’ and would love to hear from you.


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