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Creating a DIY Fairy Garden

A favorite activity for many in the summertime is a chance to go fishing? But you can also take that love of fishing and incorporate it into a beautiful fairy garden. Our fairy merchants have gathered together twelve suggestions for miniature items that can be included in a DIY fishing themed fairy garden. And once you’ve explored these suggestions, we hope that you’ll continue to wander through Teelie’s Fairy Garden for a chance to see many other incredible items and learn about upcoming events.

Fishing DIY Fairy Gardens
1. Fishing From a Bridge
Fishing Fairy Brothers Collection, Fishing Boys, Bridge with bluebird, Fairies Fishing Sign, Fairy Garden Fishing Fairies, Fairy Accessory
2. Miniature Fishing Pole and Tackle Box
Miniature Fishing Pole & Tackle Box with 3 Fish, Miniature Fairy Gardens, Fathers Day Gift, Miniature Landscape, Dollhouse Miniatures
3. Gone Fishing
Lake Sign, Fish Tales Inn and Bass Lake Sign, Fairy Garden Accessory, Home Gift for New Lake House, Fish Theme Cake Topper
4. Rustic Fishing and Campfire Set
Miniature Fishing Set with Campfire - Fairy Garden, Fairy House, Dollhouse Accessories, Gift for Him, Miniature Gift, Fisherman, Rustic

Fishing From a Bridge

Our first miniature fairy item that could go in a fishing themed fairy garden is of two boy fairies fishing off of a tranquil bridge. A bluebird looks on, perhaps in hopes of enjoying a taste of the catch. You can find it on Etsy.

Miniature Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Next, we have a miniature fishing pole and tackle box  along with three fish that would be cute in a fishing themed fairy garden. Consider creating your fairy garden as a family activity and let each member of the family select a piece of two to create a unique and magical garden. Find the fishing pole and tackle box on Etsy.

Gone Fishing

This adorable sign indicating the way to the Fish Tales Inn and Bass Lake, along with a fishing or picnic basket and some boots is the perfect choice for a fishing themed fairy garden. You could even choose to get a figurine of an inn or a lake to create the whole scene. Find it on Etsy.

Rustic Fishing and Campfire Set

Our next pick is a rustic fishing and camping set. Your fairy garden could be a combination of both of these activities. Often fishing is enjoyed during a camping trip. Find this set on Etsy.

Fishing Themed Fairy Gardens
1. Fishing in the Swamp
Tea Cup Fairy Garden Fish Camp, Swamp Scene, Bayou Camp Decor, Cat Lover Gift, Fishing Decor, Teacup Décor
2. Fishing with Friends
Fairy Garden - Boy Fishing with Dog and Snail Fairy Garden/Fairy Garden Supply Kit Complete/Miniature Garden/Dollhouse Miniatures
3. Catching Fish for Dinner
Catching Dinner, Ethnic Fairy, Fairy Fishing Fairy Boy, Fairy Boy Fishing, African American Fairy, Ebony Fairy
4. Gnomes Fishing and Gardening
Miniature Set Of 2 Delightful Active Gnomes - One Is Fishing The Other Is Digging Fairy Garden Accessory

Fishing in the Swamp

Our next fishing scene must be approached with caution as it includes a ‘fish at your own risk’ sign, likely because of the crocodile from the swamp that is looming nearby. You can find it on Etsy.

Fishing with Friends

A dog, a snail and a frog make up this fisherman’s group of companions as he studies the water to catch some fish. Find it on Etsy.

Catching Fish for Dinner

Being able to fish with friends make the adventure more exciting. This fairy boy took along his dog to keep him company while he tries to catch enough fish for his family’s dinner . Find this figurine on Etsy.

Gnomes Fishing and Gardening

Gnomes also like to go fishing. In these fairy figurines one fairy has his fishing gear and the other has a shovel. Perhaps he’s going to find some worms for the fishing expedition? The gnomes can be found on Etsy.

Fishing Fairy Garden
1. Bear Fishing
Bearfoots "Dream Big" Fish Mini Figurine by Jeff Fleming Fishing Big Sky Carvers
2. Fishing With the Frogs
Fishermen Frog with Fish in Bucket
3. Magical Fishing Trip Discovery
Fairy Garden Mini - Mermaid and Seal - Miniature Supplies Accessories Dollhouse
4. Angel Fishing
Gone Fishing Angel Baby, Vintage Porcelain Miniature Doll Fishing in the Pond, Porcelain Nursery

Bear Fishing

Even in Fairy Land, bears have their own unique methods of fishing when it comes to getting a bite to eat. This bear is seen with a fish in its mouth while it stands on a rock that says, ‘Dream Big.’ Find it on Etsy.

Fishing With the Frogs

Our next figurine is of a frog fishing. It has its fishing pole and bucket ready to go. It also loves the water and isn’t afraid to jump into it to get its catch. This fishing frog can be found on Etsy.

Magical Fishing Trip Discovery

A mermaid could also be included in your fishing themed garden. Imagine, a fairy is ready to go fishing, when out of the pond appears a magical mermaid. The adorable mermaid that we found is holding a baby seal. Find it on Etsy.

Angel Fishing

Fairies aren’t the only ones that love to go fishing. Angels do too. We found a lovely vintage scene of an angel fishing in the pond. It is available on Etsy.

Thank you for having a look at some options for  a fishing themed DIY fairy garden with us. Also, keep your eyes peeled for our magical fairy catalogue/book coming soon that features over a hundred of our amazing fairies for you to meet. We’re also available on social media and Bloglovin’ and would love to hear from you. Continue to browse Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more fun adventures.


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