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Magnets and Fairies

Hello Fairy Friends, the fairies are so excited to be able to share news of another magical fairy club with you. The Magical Fairy Magnet Club will be launching soon. While you wait, we decided to introduce you to some fairies that have amazingly magnetic personalities. Everyone who meets them wants to learn more about them. See each individual link to discover what the magnet looks like and explore the rest of the incredible items in each fairy’s collection of merchandise. There are three fun sizes of magnets to see. When the club officially launches, a free guide will be provided upon membership to give ideas of how to use and display these magical decorative magnets. Later, you can continue exploring Teelie’s Fairy Garden for a look at what else is new in Fairy Land.

Magical Fairy Magnets
1. The Pink Fairy Helpers In Tommy Tinker's Village
The Pink Fairy Helpers In Tommy Tinker's Village™ Magnet
3. King Henry And Queen Olivia Of The Fairy Kingdom
King Henry And Queen Olivia Of The Fairy Kingdom™ Magnet
4. Francesca The Good Witch Fairy
Francesca The Good Witch Fairy™ Magnet

The Pink Fairy Helpers In Tommy Tinker’s Village

The Pink Fairy Helpers are known for filling in wherever needed and lending a hand to help run the Magical Fairy Magnet Club is no different. One day they might be helping to create delicious food in a fairy restaurant and on the next day taking reservations for a magical fairy cruise. Find their magnet on Redbubble.

Stella The Starter Kit Fairy Magnet

Everyone who creates a fairy garden needs a guiding hand to help them learn how. Stella the Starter Kit Fairy is a great asset to fairies in the Fairy Kingdom, creating kits so that they know how to help their human gardener friends create stunning masterpieces. Stella’s magnet is available on Redbubble.

King Henry And Queen Olivia Of The Fairy Kingdom

King Henry and Queen Olivia are the magical rulers of the Fairy Kingdom. They are community minded and love to celebrate the achievements of all the fairies that they know. They frequently hold teas, galas, and parties so that other fairies can have an enjoyable time. See the King and Queen’s magnet on Redbubble.

Francesca The Good Witch Fairy

Francesca the Good Witch Fairy comes from a line of witches and fairies. It makes her very unique. Her role is to do several good deeds each day. She is smart and kind hearted. Learn more about Francesca, her magnets and other merchandise on Redbubble.

Magical Fairy Magnet Club
1. Baby Buttercup The Baby Fairy
Baby Buttercup The Baby Fairy™ Magnet
2. Genius Gnome Fairy
Genius Gnome Fairy™ Magnet
3. Fai The Handmade Flower Fairy
Fai The Handmade Flower Fairy™️ Magnet
4. Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy
Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy™ Magnet

Baby Buttercup The Baby Fairy

Fairy Land is full of adorable baby fairies too. Baby Buttercup is one of the cutest little fairies. She was sound asleep in the photo that the fairy photographer took for her merchandise collection. See her magnet on Redbubble.

Genius Gnome Fairy

Genius is a gnome and he is a friend and helper to the fairies. He loves gardening and his pet frog often accompanies him when he is working. His magnet is available on Redbubble.

Fai The Handmade Flower Fairy

Fai the Handmade Flower Fairy is known for her extraordinary gardening skills. She is also elegant and has the most amazing set of blue flowery wings that you have ever seen. She loves her name because the word for a leaf in French is feuille which is pronounced in the same way as her name. As each flower has leaves, she finds it a perfect fit. See Fai’s magnet and merchandise on Redbubble.

Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy

Tianna the T-Shirt Artist Fairy is creative and loves to help others. She is always finding a way to use her painting and art skills for the good of her friends and even total strangers. Sometimes, she’ll include a magnet instead of a business card, with her creations when she leaves them on fairy and human doorsteps so that they can know where they come from. Tianna’s magnet is available on Redbubble.

We hope that you have enjoyed meeting these eight fairies. They are incredible and are huge part of life in Fairy Land. They and their numerous friends are responsible for bringing fairy and fairy gardening tips, advice, and fun to the world. Keep watching for updates from Teelie’s Fairy Garden as we have several exciting things happening in the next few weeks including launching some new fairy books and magical fairy clubs including the Magical Fairy Magnet Club. We’re also available on social media and Bloglovin’ and would love to hear from you.

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