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Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. It’s one of the most magical places to be in the world. The fairies are excited to announce the launch of The Magical Fairy Sticker Club.  Each week starting on Wednesday, September 2nd, a drawing will take place to determine the winner of a sticker from the Teelie Turner Fairy Collection. When you sign up, you’ll also receive your own Exclusive Magical Fairy Sticker Book which will be sent to you by e-mail so that you can download it. Participants in the Magical Fairy Sticker Club will also receive monthly e-mails to be the first to preview a new sticker. A new one will be introduced on the 20th of each month. We’ll post the link for you as soon as the club membership is active.

We also have a few fairy clubs which have already launched. You can find details on them at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, here is a video to watch about The Magical Fairy Button Club.

Magical Fairy Sticker Club
1. Nestie Shimmer The Birdhouses & Nests Fairy
Nestie Shimmer The Birdhouses & Nests Fairy™ Sticker
2. Heloise The Home Furnishings Fairy™ Sticker
Heloise The Home Furnishings Fairy™ Sticker
3. Desta The Dragon Fairy
Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Sticker
4. Ruby The Ribbon Fairy
Ruby The Ribbon Fairy™ Sticker

Nestie Shimmer The Birdhouses & Nests Fairy

The fairies are excited to show you eight stickers from Teelie Turner’s magical collection. The first one that they want to share with you is of Nestie Shimmer who is the Birdhouses and Nests Fairy. She works hard to look after the birds that live throughout Fairy Land. You can find this sticker and many others on Redbubble. Nestie Shimmer’s magical stickers are also shown in the featured photo at the top of the page, adding an elevated look to a brown journal.

Heloise The Home Furnishings Fairy Sticker

Heloise the Home Furnishings Fairy’s sticker was chosen to be featured because she has the ability to share her magic of home furnishing with you so that you can be inspired in your own projects. On her sticker, she is surrounded by fairy dust as she holds a lamp. Find her sticker and those belonging to many of her fairy friends on Redbubble.

Desta The Dragon Fairy

Desta the Dragon Fairy and her dragon friend are pleased to be able to share their sticker with you. They know that you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to stick it. Perhaps, you’ll use it to identify a water bottle like the photo above illustrates, or maybe you will place it in the magical fairy sticker book which is included for free when you sign up to become a member of The Magical Fairy Sticker Club. Find this delightful sticker on Redbubble.

Ruby The Ribbon Fairy

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy is so much fun that we knew we had to share her sticker with you. She wears a bright pink dress and has intriguing blue hair. Her job is to make sure that there are always bows and ribbons available for special projects in the world. Find her amazing sticker on Redbubble.

The Magical Fairy Sticker Club
1. Lorilla The Lakeside Fairy
Lorilla The Lakeside Fairy™ Sticker
2. Rosita The Fiesta Fairy™ Sticker
Rosita The Fiesta Fairy™ Sticker
3. Princess Isadora The Fairy Tale Fairy
Princess Isadora The Fairy Tale Fairy™ Sticker
4. Brokk The Boy Fairy
Brokk The Boy Fairy™ Sticker

Lorilla The Lakeside Fairy

Lorilla the Lakeside Fairy is another interesting Fairy to get to know. She loves anything to do with the lakes and water including fishing. She loves her beautiful blue dress because it is the same color as water. Find Lorilla’s sticker on Redbubble.

Rosita The Fiesta Fairy Sticker

Rosita the Fiesta Fairy loves a fiesta. That’s why she is often associated with Mardi Gras, thee 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas. She’s known for being able to throw amazing parties. When a fairy in Fairy Land is thinking of throwing a huge party whether it be a fiesta or a gala, Rosita is often called upon for her knowledge and ability to get things done. You can find her sticker on Redbubble.

Princess Isadora The Fairy Tale Fairy

Princess Isadora was born into the Royal Family in Fairy Land. When she was old enough, Fairy Headquarters assigned her a magical mission because of her keen eye for beauty and details. She is the holder of all magical fairy tales. Find her sticker on Redbubble.

Brokk The Boy Fairy

The final sticker that we would like to share with you for this week is of Brokk the Boy Fairy. He is a protector fairy even though he sometimes gets into some trouble along the way just like any teenage boy might. Brokk’s sticker can be found on Redbubble.

Thank you for coming on this magical sticker adventure for us. Our Magical Fairy Sticker Club will be available for your enjoyment soon. Keep watching for updates from Teelie’s Fairy Garden as we have several exciting things happening in the next few weeks including launching some new fairy books and other magical fairy clubs. We’re also available on social media and Bloglovin’ and would love to hear from you.

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Sign up for  a chance to get a copy of the Meet the Fairies catalogue / book. It’s an enchanted opportunity to get better acquainted with over a hundred incredible fairies.

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The fairies would also like to invite you to discover their Super Supper DIY Fairy Guide with fairy gardening ideas on the themes of farming, camping and the beach. Find it here.

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The Fairies have started several magical fairy collector’s clubs. Learn more about them here. So far, we have launched our magical Get Cook’n with the Fairies Club and the Magical Fairy Buttons Club. Both come with intriguing downloads and chances to win wonderful prizes. Click here to join.


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