10 Miniature Flowering Plants for a Blossoming Fairy Garden

Hello Fairy Lovers!

No spring fairy garden is complete without flowers! These miniature flowering plants may not give you blooms that will lure fairies just yet but now is a perfect time (and weather) to get them planted and ready. Here are 10 of my favorite miniature flowering plants that I know you’ll come to love too!

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1. Blue Moneywort for Miniature Garden

This miniature plant makes a great groundcover and gives you little tube-like flowers in the summer. If you live in a tropical region, it could give you miniature flowers all year long, pleasing the fairies as well.

2. Tiny Rubies Groundcover

Who can resist these pink flowers that bring a wonderful clove-like scent? The enchanted folks will enjoy these miniature flowers all summer long, re-blooming in fall. Perfect for new gardeners too, as this hardy miniature plant is relatively easy to grow.

3. Miniature African Violet Plants

If you plan on having tiny blooms in your fairy garden the whole year, planting miniature African Violets is the way to go. These little flowers are great beginner plants and can survive with a wee bit of sunshine through the window plus an overall warm temperature. The flowers come in a variety of colors too!

4. Miniature Daisy

Let the fairies enjoy extra tiny white flowers that bloom year-round! The lovely green leaves create a decent foliage and will make your fairy garden fairly attractive, even to bees!

5. Alpine Thrift

Growing up to 4 inches in height, this fine alpine species of Thrift bears delicate pink flower balls at the very top. It grows dense with needle-like foliage that spreads up to 6 inches.


6. Hawaii Blue

Mimic exquisite blue hydrangea flowers in your fairy garden with this low-growing Ageratum. It does require a bit of pruning every now and then as it can grow quite rapidly. The Hawaii Blue will make a great addition to any garden in need of the blue fairy’s blessings.

7. Toucan Tango

A vibrant orange-colored bloom like this will put a smile on any fairy or human! The Toucan has succulent-looking foliage that grows fairly low, making it perfect for a fairy garden. But it also spreads vigorously, so it needs to be trimmed back regularly.

8. Blue Mouse Ears Hosta

Soft green leaves with a hint of blue (and in some cases, gold) prop up lavender-colored flowers in the summer. It is a dense plant with relatively lush foliage but remains soft and delicate in terms of appearance.

9. Fuchsia Lottie Hobby

This plant produces truly tiny flowers! The Lottie Hobby plant blooms in the summer and produces berry fruits after the flowers, around mid to late August. The flowers and fruits are actually edible and are favorites of hummingbirds!

10. Fairy Sensitive Plant

The Fairy Sensitive Plant blooms miniature pink puffy flower balls when mature. It got its name because of how the leaves fall downwards and shrink when touched. It’s a very fun plant that kids and the enchanted folks will truly enjoy having in the fairy garden!


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