Ponds and Pools of the Fairy Gardens

Water is the source of life and everything alive needs it to grow. The fairies know that more than anything; nature’s magic can be found in the water. That’s why fairies adore watery spots, like ponds and pools, and use them to enhance their magic.

This summer has become quite warm, so fairies in a fairy garden won’t just enjoy the water for its magic—they would love to enjoy having a splash or two as well, dipping their tiny toes beneath the surface or just sweeping through the water with inquisitive fingers. Fairy ponds and pools have gotten incredibly popular this summer, adding refreshing magic of water to any scenery.

Have a look at some splendid ponds and pools for a fairy garden that you can add!

1. The Fairies at Play in the Ponds

Fairies love gathering around water to play and chatter. They’ll talk about just about anything under the sun, swap stories and spells, and enjoy the cool clean water during the summer. These lovely fairies, in the color of butterflies and blossoms, are wading their feet into the clear water as another plays on the bridge. Beneath the ripples, the koi swim contentedly, knowing they’re safe. See the set at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Bridgeway Pond

Crossing the bridge to get to the other side of the fairy village is always a delight with a pond like this one. It’s covered with a low, wooden bridge lined in flowers, giving passing fairies a chance to stop and peer beneath the cool waters. This may be one of the times a fairy will forego flying just to walk over the pond! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Little Koi Paradise

Shining black, white, and orange koi are swimming beneath the clear waters of this pond. It’s lined in soft gray stones which are flat, and almost look like seats. The tranquility of the pond beckons fairies to come by to sit and stay cool under the bright summer sunshine. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Great Blue Koi Pond

This pond is much bigger, elegantly built, and something you might find in the royal gardens. It would look splendid if surrounded by little brushes of greenery. Fairies will enjoy relaxing at its edge, watching the koi swim by or breathing in the scent of the lotus and water lilies. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Sweet Pond

This romantic little pond is in the shape of a heart, decked with reeds and hemmed in by little wooden stumps. A little blue bird has alighted on one of the stumps, perhaps looking to enjoy a quick drink from the water before once again fluttering away. It’s an ideal little pond to have in the yard of a fairy home! Get the pond at Etsy.

6. The Flowing Basin

A pond like this one, all set in gray mountain stone, adorned by a towering shrub and covered in water lilies, is the perfect place to visit when a fairy is looking to rest or clear their head. The sound of the water trickling down, overflowing from the basin at the edge of the pond almost sounds like the water is singing. Get it at Etsy.

7. The Pearly Gazing Pond

A gazing pond is very special; it’s often used by fairies of great magic. The ponds themselves are enchanted—when someone leans over them, gazing into the water, they can ask it a question. They can use the pond to look to locations far beyond the eye can see. They can use it to seek out a person, or find answers to mysteries. Or they can be used to just observe the world beyond. Get this sparkling pond at Etsy.

8. The Pool in the Bowl

Inside this gleaming, pale blue ceramic bowl is a fairy pond. The water is shallow, with tufts of green moss in the form of balls bobbing at the edge. In the middle of the pond is a small stone dais, holding a cup of tea, a pot, and some star soup for the fairy to enjoy while sitting tranquility of the pond, Get it at Etsy.

9. The Pond in the Woodland

This pond may seem long-forgotten, deep in the woodland, made of stones and covered in moss, but it’s quite enchanted. Perhaps there is strong magic in the water that keeps it so clear and beautiful, as koi fish still swim and play. Branches are growing from the edge of a pond, and a little owl is sitting on one. Perhaps he’s waiting for a fairy to come and peer down into the water. See it at Etsy.

10. The Town Pool

Finally, we have a pool in the most direct sense: a swimming pool! This tiny pool will be a welcome relief to all the fairies looking to beat the heat. They can come right in and splash away, playing with friends, or enjoy some cold drinks while they sit alongside it. Get it at Etsy.

Water is an instant touch of magic to any fairy garden. These ponds and pools will surely bring new life and delight every fairy in your garden!

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