The Fairies Pick Out Their Magical Christmas Trees

the fairies pick out their magical christmas trees

Hello friends and welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re very excited  because Christmas is so close. This week we’d like to invite you to join us on a magical adventure as the fairies pick out their Christmas trees. We have put together eight possibilities for them to choose from.

Christmas Trees
1. Whimsical Christmas Trees
Whimsical Silver and Teal Grinch Christmas Trees, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse, Christmas, Snowballs
2. Snowy Christmas Tree
Baby Beige Christmas Tree, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse, Christmas, Snowballs, Snow, Christmas Fabric Swatch
3. Dancing Christmas Trees
Fairy Garden Christmas Tree, Set of 3 Green and White Christmas Trees, Fairies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Green, White, Christmas Fairy Garden
4. Colorful Christmas Trees
My Little Christmas Trees, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse, Christmas, Pink Tree, Brown Tree, Green Tree

Whimsical Christmas Trees

The first trees that we have selected to share with you are the silver and teal trees. They have a whimsical look about them and are a lot of fun. They are miniature but the fairies can use their magical fairy dust to make them any size that they need. Learn more on Etsy.

Snowy Christmas Tree

The next miniature tree that the fairies might enjoy is completely white and looks like it has been dusted in snow. It would look great with fairy lights on it, or bright colored ornaments. Wrapped packages underneath it would also help it to stand out in its environment. Find them on Etsy.

Dancing Christmas Trees

We found some trees which look like they are dancing. They’re absolutely magnificent and we know that they will make some fairy families very happy. They can be found on Etsy in a set of three. There are green and white trees.

Colorful Christmas Trees

When you think of a Christmas tree do you think of a green tree? Most people do, but in Fairy Land Christmas trees come in any color imaginable. We found a set of pink, brown and green trees to show you. Discover these trees on Etsy.

Christmas Trees
1. One of A Kind Tree
Miniature Christmas tree for dollhouse blue orange silver handmade OOAK
2. Miniature Wooden Tree
Christmas Tree, Wooden Miniature Ornaments, Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments, Home Decoration, Secret Santa, Rustic Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Decorations
3. Christmas Tree Transportation
A&TDesigns Set of 4 Classic Holiday Mini Red Pickup Truck Christmas Ornaments - Rustic Farmhouse
4. Christmas in the Forest
FAYUE Mini Assorted Pine Snowmen Trees with Decorative Lights, Reindeer, Miniature Ornaments for Christmas Village Decoration Ornaments Winter Decor for Shop,Bedroom,Living Room (Box of A)

One of A Kind Tree

There are some amazing artists who are able to create magical, miniature one of a kind Christmas trees for their fairy friends. You can see one of these majestic trees above. It is the perfect size for a dollhouse or fairy garden and includes the colors blue, orange, and silver. Learn more on Etsy.

Miniature Wooden Tree

Christmas trees can be created from many different types of materials including wood. We found a beautiful wooden tree that is rustic and magical. Find it on Amazon.

Christmas Tree Transportation

There are many magical ways to transport a Christmas tree. However, some of the fairies like the traditional methods used by their human friends. We found a classic red pickup truck that reflects this. It has some trees in the back of it. Find it on Amazon.

Christmas in the Forest

A woodland Christmas is a wonderful way to spend the holidays. Consider decorating your tree with the help of these friendly reindeer. Learn all about them on Amazon.

Thank you for joining us as we looked at Christmas trees with the fairies. Let us know your pick on social media. Please continue to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden for updates on all things magical, Christmas news and new book releases.

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