A Beautiful Look at Autumn Through the Eyes of a Fairy Garden

Autumn Fairy Garden

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to introduce you to our magical new book ‘A Beautiful Look at Autumn Through the Eyes of a Fairy Garden.’  It is just having a few final edits made to it and then we’ll be able to share the link. In celebration of this book, we’re going to share some adorable options for autumn fairy garden decorations.

Autumn Garden
1. Magical Pumpkins
Brown Fall Pumpkins, Autumn, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Pumpkin Patch, Fall Scene, Wooden Stem
2. Pumpkin Cart
Fairy Garden Fancy Fairy White Cart Filled With Orange and Purple Pumpkins, Fall Fairy, Harvest, Fall, Miniature, dollhouse, fairy garden
3. Mushroom Toadstools
2 Red and White Magical Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Fairy Garden, Fairy Mushrooms, Miniature, Red, White, Magical, Dollhouse, Cute, Fairy
4. Delightful Autumn Desserts
Miniature Fall/Halloween Cake-Dollhouse Miniatures-Handmade-Polymer Clay-OOAK

Magical Pumpkins

We found some cute brown pumpkins that we think may have some magical quality since they are not often seen in pumpkin patches. They are available in large and medium sizes.  Find them on Etsy.

Pumpkin Cart

Add some magic to your fairy garden with this beautiful white fancy fairy cart that is laden to the brim with pumpkins (orange and purple ones), and a friendly hedgehog that is sure to make you smile. Find this cuteness overload on Etsy.

Mushroom Toadstools

Mushroom toadstools are another pleasing option for an autumn fairy garden, especially if they are arranged on rustic looking wood slices like in the photograph. Find them on Etsy.

Delightful Autumn Desserts

Add some autumn sweets to your fairy garden to entice magical visitors. We found the perfect dessert for your fall dining table. It has acorn and leaf decorations on it and is filled with a decadent chocolate favor. Find it on Etsy.

Autumn Fairy Garden
1. Pumpkin Queen
Ebros Amy Brown Pumpkin Queen Autumn Fairy Statue 17.5" Tall Fantasy Mythical Faery Magic Watercolor Collectible Decor Figurine
2. Autumn Fairy
Pacific Giftware PTC 5.25 Inch Fairyland Autumn Winged Fairy in Leaf Statue Figurine
3. Gnome Home
Fairy garden fairy house gnome cottage ready for expedition autumn statuette witch fimo clay miniature decoration
4. Joyous Scarecrow
Miniature Happy Scarecrow

Pumpkin Queen

Invite the beautiful Autumn Pumpkin Queen into your garden. She has many magical powers and could use her fairy dust to help bring your garden a sense of peace and happiness. Meet her on Amazon.

Autumn Fairy

All fairies should have friends, so consider inviting the Autumn Winged Fairy too. She’s currently kneeling on a magical leaf carpet. She can also be found on Amazon. She has beautiful blond hair and a welcoming smile.

Gnome Home

Gnomes and fairies live in perfect harmony in a fairy garden. Consider inviting a gnome to join your autumn garden. Give them a nice house to live in like the purple one featured above. The house resembles a pumpkin wearing a witches’ hat. It is unbelievably cute. It can be found on Etsy.

Joyous Scarecrow

Autumn is known to be the time that the scarecrows set up their posts in fields to keep the birds from eating the harvest. How about inviting a joyous scarecrow to enjoy some rest and relaxation in your garden, since the fairies can put a spell on it to protect the produce? Find this miniature scarecrow on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Consider picking up your copy of ‘A Beautiful Look at Autumn Through the Eyes of a Fairy Garden’ when it becomes available, for a chance to sit back and look at numerous photos of autumn fairy garden scenes. They will not disappoint you. Also, have a look below at some of the exciting things we have happening in Fairy Land. Several other new books are also being released. Keep an eye out for them.

The Wee Folk are also launching a magical cookbook. Watch our video to learn more and send your recipes to ideas@prtfg.com Let’s see how international the Wee Folks can make this special community project.

Autum Diy Guide

The fairies would also like to invite you to discover their Super Autumn DIY Fairy Guide with fairy gardening ideas on the themes of autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Find it here.

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