Create a St. Patrick’s Day Parade Fairy Garden

st. patrick's day parade fairy garden

Thank you for joining us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. It’s another beautiful day and the Wee Folk are preparing for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. They wanted to share their preparations and give you some ideas as to how you could turn them into a magical St. Patrick’s Day Parade Fairy Garden, so that you can enjoy it at your home. A number of pets including the dog in the photo will also be participating in this magical event.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Garden
1. Wave Flags
Personalized Irish Welcome Doormat or Flag
2. Hand Out Candy
Bright Lollipops, Fairy Garden Goodies, Dollhouse Candies, Miniature Lollipops, Fairy Garden Bright Oversized Lollipops, DIY
3. Host a Feast
Is This A Leprechaun Hat? Guess Who Is Coming To Lunch? Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, ST. Patrick's Day, Green Beer, Hamburgers
4. Make Wishes Come True
2 Amazing St. Patrick's Day Gold Nugget Cookies, Miniature Gold Nugget Cookies, Gold Cookies, Dollhouse, Magical, Fairy Garden, Cute

Wave Flags

During the parade, the Wee Folk will wave Irish flags. They also found some larger models that could be the backdrop for your fairy garden or hanging up on your porch to complement your miniature fairy garden. Find one of these flags which you can personalize on the Lakeside Collection.

Hand Out Candy

The Wee Folk will also hand out candy along the parade route. They have an assortment of delightful treats including some bright colored lollipops. Find miniature fairy garden lollipops on Etsy.

Host a Feast

After the parade, the Wee Folk will join their leprechaun friends and they’ll have an amazing celebration over lunch. It will include green beverages and hamburgers. Find a miniature fairy garden set on Etsy.

Make Wishes Come True

At the feast, there will also be amazing St. Patrick’s Day gold nugget cookies. These cookies will help make wishes come true. Only the fairy bakers know about the special fairy dust that is inside of these miniature treats. Find some for your fairy garden on Etsy.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Garden
1. Fly in the Parade
Miniature Leprechaun Fairy w/ Shamrocks ~ Fairy Garden Accessories ~ St. Patrick's Day Home, Garden, & Party Décor
2. Shower the Crowd in Fairy Dust
Green Glowing Pixie Dust Necklace / Tinker Bell Gift / Fairy Necklace / Stocking Stuffer
3. The Gnome Band Plays
GlitZGlam Happy Gnomes Dancing Celebration! - 4- Piece Musical Garden Gnome Set for The Miniature Fairy Garden
4. Incredible Fairy Floats
ShopForAllYou Figurines and Statues Fairy Garden Leprechaun Hat House LED Lighted Mini St Patrick's Day Irish

Fly in the Parade

Many of the Wee Folk will also fly in the parade including a leprechaun fairy in a beautiful shamrock dress. She will even perform a special flying routine. Learn more about her on Etsy.

Shower the Crowd in Fairy Dust

During the parade, another group of St. Patrick’s Day fairies will shower the crowd in a special kind of fairy dust confetti. Consider putting a special bottle of fairy dust in your St. Patrick’s Day fairy garden or wearing one on a necklace. We found a beautiful green glowing pixie dust on Etsy that we wanted to share with you.

The Gnome Band Plays

The gnome band will play throughout the parade bringing a joyful feeling to all the spectators and participants. They’d love to play in your St. Patrick’s Day parade fairy garden too. Introduce yourself to them on Amazon.

Incredible Fairy Floats

The Wee Folk will also have many incredible floats in their parade. They will use an immense amount of creativity including one that will carry a fantastic fairy home that looks like a leprechaun hat house. Find it on Amazon.

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