Discover Magical Trees for Your Fairy Garden

Discover Magical Trees for Your Fairy Garden

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Our friend Teelie Turner just released a magical book called Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland. 

You can watch a magical video about this book.

Tommy and Susan’s amazing adventure to Ireland inspired us to share some beautiful trees with you that would look amazing in a fairy garden.

Fairy Trees
1. Beautiful Butterfly Tree
Sets of 2 Solar Butterfly Garden Stakes
2. Miniature Bonsai Trees
Fairy Garden Bonsai Tree - 3 sizes - Miniature Tree - Micro Landscape - Mini Garden - Terrarium Decoration - Zen Garden
3. Fantastic Fruit Trees
4pcs Miniature Tiny Tree with Pink and Yellow Fruit , Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Figurines Dollhouse Decor DIY Accessories
4. Beautiful Blossom Tree
Miniature Zen Garden Yellow Blossom Tree, 4" Tall, Wire Trunk & Branches, Fairy Garden Accessory

Beautiful Butterfly Tree

We found some solar butterfly garden stakes which remind us of butterfly trees in an abstract artistic sort of way. They would look spectacular in your fairy garden. Find them on The Lakeside Collection.

Miniature Bonsai Trees

We found some miniature bonsai trees that come in three adorable sizes to create a magical micro landscape for your fairy garden. If you add a cute fairy, some floral accents and some accessories like a swing or a bench, your fairy garden would be the perfect oasis for the Wee Folk. Find the bonsai trees on Etsy. 

Fantastic Fruit Trees

Some fruit trees would also look fantastic in your fairy garden. We found four that have tiny pink and yellow fruits on them. Learn more on Etsy. We’re sure that the fairies would love to use the fruit to bake some scones or a pie.

Beautiful Blossom Tree

Beautiful blossom trees would also look amazing in your fairy garden. The one we found is Zen with a beautiful wire trunk and branches. Find it on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Trees
1. Birds on Tree Branch
Bluebirds on Oak Branch, Three Bluebirds, Bluebird Trio, Oak Leaf and Acorn Detail, Fairy Garden Accessory, The Fairy Garden
2. Magical Hickory Tree
Miniature Hickory Tree, 4.5" Tall, Fairy Garden, Terrarium Accessory, Camping Miniature Garden, Dollhouse Accessory
3. Enchanted Tree and Bench
Ethan's Magical Tree with a Matching Fairy Bench for The Enchanted Fairy Garden (9 Inch Tall) - A Fairy Garden Accessory by GlitZGlam
4. Magical Treehouse
TERESA'S COLLECTIONS 12.8 Inch Spiral Stair Fairy House Garden Statues with Solar Powered Tree House Garden Lights Figurines for Outdoor Patio Yard Decorations (Resin)

Birds on Tree Branch

Birds love to sit and nest in trees. We found a lovely oak tree branch that has three bluebirds sitting on it. It would be perfect for your fairy garden so that the birds that visit you have a relaxing place to sit and sing a magical song. Find the birds on Etsy.

Magical Hickory Tree

Discover the magical hickory tree that would look amazing in your fairy garden. It is a great place to have a picnic or sit and read a book. It is available on Etsy.

Enchanted Tree and Bench

We found a tree with an enchanted face on it, and some beautiful pastel-colored leaves. It also has a bench included with it so that the Wee Folk who visit your garden can sit, relax, visit with friends, or read a book. Learn more on Amazon.

Magical Treehouse

You may want to include a magical treehouse with an enchanted spiral staircase in your fairy garden. It is solar powered so that you’ll even be able to see in your garden at night. The gnomes love to work at night so this will be especially helpful for them. Find it on Amazon.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about these enchanted fairy trees for your garden. Please continue to walk with us through Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more magical fairy garden ideas and news.

tommy tinker and the sacred trees of ireland book 3d

Discover Teelie Turner’s magical collection of books here. 

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