Magical Good Luck Charms For Your Fairy Garden

good lucks charm fairy garden

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to be looking at some magical good luck charms that you can add to your fairy garden.

We also have a magical video about creating your own St. Patrick’s Day fairy garden.


Good luck charms
1. Magical Shamrock Fairy Door
Celtic Door, Irish Door, Blue Door, Celtic Symbol on Door, Shamrock Door, Leprechaun Hideaway, Fairy Garden Accessory
2. Lucky Coins
Fairy Garden Gold Shamrock Coin Steppingstone ~ St. Patrick's Day Miniatures ~ Dollhouse Accessories ~ Leprechaun Themed Craft Supply
3. Magical Pot of Gold
Irish Girl with a Pot of Gold, St Patrick's Day Fairy, Mini Irish Shadowbox Gift
4. Enchanted Horseshoe Archway
Miniature Golden Horseshoe Archway ~ Leprechauns Minis~ St. Patrick's Day Figurines ~ Fairy Garden & Terrarium Accessories

Magical Shamrock Fairy Door

We found a charming Celtic fairy door that had several shamrock embellishments on it. The fairies, gnomes and leprechauns in Fairy Land absolutely love it. Find it on Etsy.

Lucky Coins

We found some magical gold lucky coins which have shamrocks on them which have been created into miniature steppingstones, perfect for your fairy garden. They can be found on Etsy.

Magical Pot of Gold

It is said that wishes come true when you find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We found an Irish fairy who had found the pot of gold. Give her a spot in your fairy garden so that she can help surround you with magic. Find her on Etsy.

Enchanted Horseshoe Archway

When a horseshoe is pointed upward so that the luck cannot run out, it is said to be lucky. We found a magical horseshoe archway; however, the horseshoe was pointed downwards. There is a four-leaf clover on the archway, and we think that it counteracts the horseshoe’s downward positioning. This archway would look amazing in your fairy garden. It would be the perfect place for a magical wedding. It is available on Etsy.

Good Luck Charms
1. Magical Rainbow Lanterns
12 Fairy garden lantern miniature garden accessory rainbow 1 inch lantern 6-inch shepherd’s hook
2. Fun With Rabbits
Brown Bunnies, Fairy Garden Brown Bunnies, Miniature Bunnies, Dollhouse Pets, Fairy Pets, Bunnies, Cute, Adorable Brown Bunnies
3. Magical Fairy Dust
Miniature 1" Fairy Dust Bottles in 40 Colors ~ Tiny Glass Bottle w/ Glitter Pixie Dust ~ Fairy Garden Supplies ~ Mini Craft Supplies
4. Magical Leprechauns
Fairy Garden Leprechaun Figurine w/ Pot of Shamrocks ~ St. Patrick's Day Miniatures ~ Luck of the Irish Party Decor ~ Leprechaun Crafts

Magical Rainbow Lanterns

Since rainbows are said to have magical qualities, we decided that rainbow colored miniature fairy garden lanterns would be a great way of brightening up a fairy garden. Find some amazing ones on Etsy.

Fun With Rabbits

For a long time, rabbits’ feet have been said to be lucky. We found some amazing rabbits who make amazing pets. They’d be happy to give you a paw in your garden. If you’re very quiet, they might even come over to keep you company. Find them on Etsy.

Magical Fairy Dust

A sprinkle of fairy dust can help make wishes and magical things happen. We found a collection of fairy dust that comes in forty different colors. Find your favorite on Etsy.

Magical Leprechauns

Leprechauns are surrounded with folklore at St. Patrick’s Day and we know that they’d help to bring some luck to your fairy garden. Learn more about one that has a pot full of shamrocks on Etsy.

Thank you for joining us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope that you’ll continue to walk our magical garden paths for inspiration and to find out what’s new in Fairy Land.

We have many amazing videos for your enjoyment including this one about why you should believe in fairies.


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