Enchanted Eight: Celebrate Easter with Adorable Fairy Friends

Celebrate Easter

Yay, it’s Monday again and that means that the fairies have arranged for you to have another amazing Enchanted Eight segment. They created a video for you to watch about it too. This week the fairies chose some adorable products to share with you. They all feature bunnies and/or chicks. Once you’re had a chance to peruse and read about the Enchanted Eight, the fairies invite you to continue visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more fun.

The fairies also have great news for you. They have some great prizes that you have a chance to win. Each prize has a connection to Eliza the Easter Fairy. There are books , keychains and an adorable pink bunny wearing one of t-shirts from Eliza’s collection of merchandise along with a book.

Animal Friends
1. Adorable Friendships
Easter Fairy Garden Rabbit Pulling Chicks
2. Henry the Duck’s Cousins
Duck Figurine Fairy Garden
3. Bunny Companions
8 Pack Miniature Bunny Figure
4. Magical Gardeners
Rabbit Stuck in Cabbage Statue

Adorable Friendships

Our first enchanted pairing will surely make you smile. It is an Easter rabbit pulling a wagon with three baby chicks in it. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the adventures that they’re going on, in the safety of Fairy Land. Are they scouting out places to hide Easter eggs? Or making a visit to the home of a fairy friend? Are they headed to the barn to see some of their animal friends? This is up to you to decide. Want to connect with the fairies? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let them know what you think. This adorable scene is available on Amazon.

Henry the Duck’s Cousins

Eliza the Easter Fairy has a pet duck named Henry. The fairies would you to introduce you to two of Henry’s cousins. They are cute yellow ducks and they’d be happy to make a visit to your fairy garden. What would you name them if they were yours? Tell us in the comments. You can find them on Amazon.

Bunny Companions

Rabbits also make great companions for your fairy garden. Amazon has a package of eight white rabbits which can be used for creating many fairy garden scenes. An Easter themed fairy garden could  use the presence of a bunny, as could a forest or barnyard scene.

Magical Gardeners

Rabbits love being in the garden and most of the time they are very productive in their work of planting and gathering produce. But this next little bunny is going to need some magical fairy dust to help her out of her predicament. She was playing in the cabbage patch and snuggled up in the center of a cabbage to take a nap, but she got stuck. However, no worries because she’s in Fairy Land and a nature fairy will rescue her any minute. Do you have any stories about predicaments that your animals have gotten themselves into? Share them with us in the comments section. You can find this small fairy statue on Amazon.

Chicks and rabbits
1. Working Together
Rabbit in Cart With Yellow Chick
3. Hoppy Easter Activities
Bunny Statues for Home and Garden, Easter
4. Playing in the Garden
Fairy Garden Rabbits Rolling Cabbage

Working Together

The animals and fairies throughout Fairy Land know how important it is to work together to get everything accomplished. With Easter on the way and humans being required to physically distance due to the current pandemic in the world; the rabbits and chicks are working even harder to bring beauty and joy to the world. They’re like to remind humans to please follow all directives and to stay home and enjoy being with the fairies and their adorable animal friends. You can find the scene of a bunny in a cart being pulled by a chick on Amazon. Tell us something positive that you’re doing in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Easter Planning

Our next Enchanted Eight guests are three brown bunnies. They’re keeping a watchful eye on the Easter preparations. Everyday they check the calendar and their to-do lists to ensure that everything is on track. They are happy to report that Easter eggs are being painted as usual and that there will be plenty of candy and chocolate for all to enjoy. Find this bunny statue on Amazon. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Easter candy is.

Hoppy Easter Activities

Rabbits have many Easter activities which they enjoy. They include reading Easter stories, hiding and finding Easter eggs and enjoying good crunchy snacks like carrots. You can find adorable statues of their activities on Amazon. What is your favorite Easter activity? Tell us in the comments.

Playing in the Garden

The final Enchanted Eight pick for this week is of three bunnies playing in the garden. As you can see from the picture, they are rolling a cabbage around. I wonder if they’re taking it home to their family for supper or maybe they are using it for a game? There are lots of things that playful bunnies can do in a garden. You can find this adorable statue on Amazon.  Tell us your favorite thing about gardening in the comments.

The fairies would like to thank you for coming online to meet these adorable bunnies and chicks which are friends the fairies have made. Be sure to stick around Teelie’s Fairy Garden to keep exploring its magic.

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