Enchanted Eight: Fairy Figurines

Welcome back, Fairy Friends. We are so glad that you decided to come to this week’s Enchanted Eight. This week we’re featuring fairy figurines. The ones that we have chosen are larger than the ones that you’ll see in a miniature garden scene. Dimensions can be found in the links that go with each of the fairies if you’re interested in learning more about them. Our fairies are very happy with the figurines that were selected for this week’s feature because they are beautiful, magical and full of expression and detail. Once you’ve met our eight fairy figurines, we hope that you’ll take some more time to stay and explore Teelie’s Fairy Garden with us. There is so much already here and a lot more on its way with a new fairy book coming out soon and lots of Valentine’s Day fun.

1. Fairy & Frog
Pacific Giftware Enchanting Frog Gossip Fairy Collectible
2. Beverage Fairy
Teacup Mocha Coffee Fairy Figurine
3. Whimsical and Fun
Pacific Giftware Romantic True Gentleman Fairy Collectible
4. Thoughtful and Friendly
Thinking of You Fairy Sitting On Wild Giant Toadstool Mushroom with Snail

Fairy and Frog

Our first fairy is gorgeous in a green and blue dress with magnificent blue wings and white and blue striped tights. She’s seen leaning against a toad stood having a visit with a magical frog who has its own wings, some might even say that they are gossiping. Whether the frog turns into Prince Charming is anyone’s guess. You’ll find this fairy and frog on Amazon.

Beverage Fairy

Many humans enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the morning, and they aren’t the only ones who have a special morning routine; fairies do too. Did you know  that there are even beverage fairies who live throughout Fairy Land? And, it looks like one of them got to have a special figurine made of herself. She wears shades of brown to reflect the mocha colors of some coffees and teas. She even has a coffee cup that she can perch on or sit in. When she and her friends want to play, they sprinkle a bit of fairy dust in their cups and then they can have races through the air. To own this special fairy figurine, visit Amazon.

Whimsical and Fun

The fairy on our third figurine pick is dressed in pink and seated on a magnificent mushroom. It appears that she is flirting with a magical frog. This romantic scene is whimsical and fun and would be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day to a special someone. It can be found on Amazon.

Thoughtful and Friendly

Taking a bit of time to relax is as important for fairies as it is for humans. This mystical fairy is sitting on toadstool mushroom in deep thought while keeping company with a snail. It’s a figurine that can remind us of how important it is to take a few minutes everyday to breathe and enjoy life. You’ll find on Amazon.

1. Fairy and Dragon
Amy Brown Art Original Collection Companion Dragon with FAE
2. Autumn Comfort Fairy
Autumn Comfort Cup Fairy Fantasy Art Figurine
3. Magenta Fairy
Amy Brown Licensed Magenta Fairy Statue Polyresin Figurine Home Décor
4. Fairy with Bathing Dragon
Amy Brown Get Out of My Tub Cup Fairy Dragon

Fairy and Dragon

A heart to heart conversation between a fairy and a dragon of the same colors is a magical scene that is filled with love and companionship. If you’d like to read up on some friendly dragons in Fairy Land, you can learn about them here. And, the figurine is available on Amazon.

Autumn Comfort Fairy

This fairy is known as the ‘Autumn Comfort Fairy,’ and that’s why she wears rich orange and brown tones. Her work is mostly done from September to November but the rest of the year, she is working on new projects and testing out fall things like pastry and autumn spice beverages to be able to offer Fairy Land the human believers new flavors to make them feel cozy and happy when the weather begins to get cooler. While some fairies would prefer a hammock to relax in, this fairy has a special cup that she naps in. Her figurine for sale on Amazon.

Magenta Fairy

This fairy who has magenta hair and wings is taking a little break to chat with a snail while she sits on a toadstool mushroom. She even chose to sit near the magenta colored flowers. It is clear from her expression that she is very happy with her life. While her profession isn’t listed, we believe that she’s a Nature Fairy, at least part of the time. This figurine can be found on Amazon.

Fairy with Bathing Dragon

Our last figurine for today is a fairy dressed in red with a matching dragon bathing in a cup that also works as a bathtub. It looks like the dragon is bathing in tea or coffee. Perhaps it is good for a dragon’s skin. We’ll ask one of the fairies to take a note to ask the next time they’re talking with a dragon. This adorable figurine is available on Amazon.

We hope that you enjoyed meeting the fairy figurines in this week’s Enchanted Eight. We are pleased that you decided to come on this journey with us. Please come back again soon to learn about the goings on in Fairy Land. Or, take some time now to keep exploring Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

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