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Enchanted Eight: Glorious Garden Gnomes


This week’s Enchanted Eight leads us a little way off the fairy the fairy towns and off to the gnome villages. The garden gnomes are some of the fairies’ most helpful friends. They keep a close eye on the human gardens as well as the fairy ones. They’re very, very old and quite wise—they possess a special magic that allows them to thoroughly care for a garden and help it thrive throughout the seasons. Garden gnomes are some of the best guardians to have in a garden, so don’t be surprised when you see them around where fairies are too!

This week, let’s see what these magical gnomes are up to when they’re not on the clock, looking after gardens. Like the fairies, they deserve a break too! As the fall fairies are setting the scene for the new season, the gnomes are enjoying some well-deserved free time.

1. Celebratory Gnome Dance

With the hard work of spring and summer in the past, the garden gnomes are getting ready to party. That means there’s going to be a lot of music, and a whole lot of dancing! These gnomes have picked up their favorite musical instruments and have jumped up for joy, raring to dance and sing, hollering in laughter as they bounced to the happy tunes. Hearing such lovely celebrations, every gnome in hearing distance would join in! Meet them in the Fairy Garden.

2. A Well-Deserved Nap

Of course, after all that partying and dancing, and after all that work, it’s time for some mild hibernation of their own. These gnomes have curled right up against the biggest, fluffiest, and warmest cushion in all the land—a full-sized ginger kitty! Warmed by the fluffy fur of the cat, lulled by the happy purring, they’re napping soundly away on a well-deserved rest. Meet them in the Fairy Garden.

3. The Best Gnome Dancer

Gnomes really like to cut loose when they’re celebrating or having a good time. This gnome in particular is quite fond of dancing. He loves doing clever movements, but this pose, like the Lord of the Dance, is his favorite. He must be quite anxious to get his dancing shoes on and get ready to have a great time with the other garden gnomes on break this fall! Meet him in the Fairy Garden.

4. We’re Goin’ Fishin’

Some gnomes like going away for a while for some peace and quiet, instead of staying at home and dancing. That’s why these two fine gentlemen are off to a weekend of fishing out in the fairy lake. They’ve gone to the little fishing shack, brought their little blue boat and paddles. They have their keel and their rod ready, along with a fresh bag to hold even more fish. At the shore, a merry bonfire flickers, waiting to roast some fresh fish. Meet them in the Fairy Garden.

1. Chitter and Chuckles

Sometimes, it’s best to just sit around a lovely garden and catch up with friends. Garden gnomes tend to stay in their own gardens and territories, looking after the plants and trees there, but now that they’re on a break, they’ve gone to meet some old friends. Gathered around together, they tell each other stories, bring tools to lend and share, and enjoy each other’s company. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Gnome

It’s been a while since their last vacation, so this happy couple is going away for a big vacation. Mr. Gnome has scooped up plenty of firewood for the coming cooler days while Mrs. Gnome has packed a little basket of fairy bread for them to eat—they taste like honey and each bite will fill you right up. It should last them awhile as they go on their trip! Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

3. Finding Peace and Magic

These gnomes have also opted to relax at home—you don’t need to physically go anywhere when your mind can do the traveling for you. They’re doing a little yoga and some well-deserved soothing meditation, sending their minds far away to calm land and marvelous places, all while sitting at home. It’s a very peaceful way to spend their break days. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

4. Enjoying the Mother Lode

Finally, this old gnome is keeping to himself, looking after the family treasure that has been passed down for generations. It’s a wheelbarrow full of gold, and he’s added to it every now and again. In fact, he’s going up to the hidden mountains to mine out some more gold and jewels to add to the trove. What can we say—some gnomes just love to work! Meet him at Etsy.

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