Take Part in the Magical Bounties of a Spooky Harvest Moon!


A huge moon rises over the fairy world and everything seems to be injected with a lot more magic than usual! It’s the Harvest Moon, and it’s an extra special one this year as it falls on Friday the 13th. The Harvest Moon this year is extra spooky, mystical, and the fairies everywhere have invited all of their friends to partake in the special parties and ceremonies they have prepared. It’s like a magical, early taste of Halloween for them, with enchantment sizzling on every fingertip!

It’s time to visit the fairies to see what they’re up to on this eerie night when the shadows are long and the moon is bright. They have given us a very special invitation, so let’s see what they have prepared for us!

1. The Harvest Moon Door

A magical door has appeared, purple and hidden in the tangle of swamp moss, mushrooms and pumpkins, nestled in the twigs. This is the doorway to the Harvest Moon celebrations, and there is hidden laughter and shrieking sounding from behind it. There must be quite a party going on in the other side of the door! See it at Etsy.

2. The Flickering Enchanted Candles

As soon as we step in, we are greeted by a surreal, otherworldly sight. The trees, which have begun to lose their leaves in the onset of fall, dropping carpets of gold everywhere, have been decorated with so many tiny candles. Some of the candles are clumped together, flickering in tiny dancing flames on each wick. It’s an amazing sight to be greeted with such tiny flickering candlelight everywhere! See the candles on the branches at Etsy.

3. The Harvest Moon Fairy

Hello! A Fairy has stepped in to say hello. She’s a Halloween fairy who had come early because of the potent magic of the Harvest Moon. She’s found us looking around and she says she’ll be leading us straight to the enchanted party! The Halloween witches have decided to come out and play a few weeks early from Halloween to take part in such a mystical celebration. Meet her at Etsy.

4. The Spotty Pumpkins

The fairy tells us that everything in this fairy pumpkin patch has been transformed into a something magical on this Spooky Harvest Moon. The pumpkins she’s showing you have turned black and have been filled with a Halloween enchantment; they have grown the brightest little multicolored spots that look just like the colorful lanterns bobbing in the dark this Halloween! See them at Etsy.

5. Pitch Black Pumpkins

Other pumpkins have simply turned black as night, with a strange glow from within. These pumpkins, the fairy says, are ripe for the picking for some Harvest Moon enchantment, where things are just a bit more creepy than usual. She bids you to take one, as the Halloween fairies will need it for the coming celebrations that you will see! See the pumpkins at Etsy.

6. The Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron

There is a strange sight in this Spooky Harvest Moon pumpkin patch: Halloween Fairies and Good Witches are gathering around quite a large, bubbling golden pot! It has started to froth and there is the scent of pumpkin everywhere, along with the tingle of magic and the sizzle of enchanted spices. It’s a spellbinding sight as everyone sings and begins casting magic at the cauldron brew! See it at Etsy.

7. The Harvest Moon Potion Bottles

Once the cauldron has frothed and bubbled and brewed, the fairies happily start passing around their contents. The group is making Harvest Moon potions—during this night when the magic is so incredibly potent, it’s the best time to brew up some magic potions for every need. There are potions for Halloween fairies, witches, and even mermaids to be had. But they always make sure to mark the bottle with a moon, as this reminds fairies that the magic will be super powerful! See the bottles at Etsy.

8. The Harvest Moon Spooky Picnic

Now that the hard work is over, the fairies are inviting us to come sit down for a splendid picnic that has been laid out right at the pumpkin patch, just next to the bales of hay. A delicious assortment of sweets and goods, as well as magical pumpkins are waiting! There is a gift bag next to the candied apples, Halloween doughnuts, and magic pumpkins nearby. Who knows what is inside! See it at Etsy.

9. A Deliciously Creamy, Spooky Dessert

Fairies are notorious for their sweet tooth, so is it a surprise that they’ve prepared an early taste of Halloween through this spooky Harvest Moon dessert? It’s a big scoop of pumpkin ice cream, topped with whipped cream and candied pumpkin seeds. A pumpkin pastry, some candy corn, and a cookie are served as well. What a wonderful sweet treat! See it at Etsy.

10. The Halloween Cake

Finally, there is the cake that everyone is waiting for: a chocolate and pumpkin Halloween cake! It’s the best part of any fairy celebration, and certainly everyone’s favorite this Harvest Moon. It’s like a little taste of the upcoming sweet festivities that will take place during the big day, Halloween, itself. Everyone gets big slice to enjoy as the celebrations continue. Get it at Etsy.

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