The Call of Fall: Fall Themed Additions to the Fairy Garden

The leaves have begun to change color in the fairy gardens of the world as the magic of the fall starts to paint everything gold and russet. The fall fairies have awakened from their sleep and are stretching out their wings, preparing to herald in the new season.

Meanwhile, the other fairies of the fairy world have begun to enjoy a thrilling harvest. At the approach of the Harvest Moon, one of the most magical and bountiful nights of the year, the fairies have planned on packing their cornucopia of nature’s bounties to keep everyone’s tummies full this winter. Even the animals are getting in on the fun! They need to eat a lot to get through hibernation, after all!

Let’s join the fairies, as well as all the animal friends in it, and discover what bountiful wonders await the fairy gardens this fall!

1. The Doorway into Fall

Upon following the sound of busy work, laughter, and working songs, we come upon a door to a fairy world. This might seem innocuous, but it’s strewn with fall magic: leaves of all colors are sprinkled like confetti. Fine pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and shades of orange have been placed all around. There’s even a good acorn there! It’s the sure sign that fall has come, and the sweet turtle and guardian gnome bids you welcome! Get it at Etsy.

2. A Happy Harvest of Pumpkins!

Stepping through the door, we are greeted by a delighted sign, “Happy Harvest!” The pumpkins have ripened like magic in the fairy farms. Bright orange and round, ready for all kinds of warm, delicious fall treats, the fairies and magical animals are all racing to grab some. Settled against the orange picket fence is a bounty of nature’s treasures. Multicolored pumpkins, mushrooms, and freshly gathered vegetables! See them at Etsy.

3. The Playful Squirrels on the Hay

You hear a chattering nearbyl it would appear that the squirrels of the forest have come racing down from the trees. They know that now that it’s fall, they only have a little time left to gorge and store food for the coming winter as they hibernate. The squirrels are everywhere in the garden, gathering their own food. These two are playing on the bales of hay (great for lining nests to keep you warm and cozy!) and the pumpkins from the field will have plenty of seeds to nibble on alongside their acorns. Meet them at Etsy.

4. The Squirrel’s White Pumpkin

This squirrel has also started gathering up stock for the winter. Like the others, he’s got a block of hay for lining his nest, which is the inside of a knot in a good sturdy oak tree. He’s already starting to gather plenty of the oak tree’s acorns for food for the winter, but he’s managed to grab up two different kinds of pumpkins as well. But most importantly, he’s found himself one of the magical white pumpkins, which tastes sweeter than the orange ones! Meet him at Etsy.

5. The Wheelbarrow for a Squirrel

This squirrel, however, is thinking big. He’s not going to settle for one or two pumpkins to take to his home. No, he’s gone and hopped right onto a nice red wheelbarrow. It’s completely loaded in pumpkins, so many that a couple has tumbled out at the side! He’s gathering up some dried leaves for nesting and an acorn to go as well. How he’ll fit his hoard into the tree, we can only guess! Meet him at Etsy.

1. The Sleeping Fall Baby

The fairies, of course, have plenty of the pumpkins of their own. They were the ones who had carefully cultivated and grown them throughout the year as part of their magical farms. Now, fairies of all ages have come to gather the pumpkins to be used for delicious treats. Even the baby fairies have come to grab a pumpkin of their own, perhaps to use for the onset of Halloween. It’s tiring work for tiny wings, though, as this little fairy has fallen asleep on his pumpkin! Meet him at Etsy.

2. The Sleeping Corn Fairy

This baby fairy also got tuckered out from the hard work of the harvest. He’s managed to snag himself a big ear of sweet corn to eat. It’s his favorite food to eat! However, such a large ear of corn was so big and heavy, that it wasn’t long until he was obliged to stop flying for a moment, put it down, and have himself a nap. No worries though, a little sparrow is keeping an eye on him as he sleeps. Meet him at Etsy.

3. The Pumpkin Patch Market Stand

The pumpkins get quite popular in the fairy marketplace during fall. The pumpkins will be cropping up on fairy gardens everywhere, after all. This pumpkin patch stand is one of the most popular stalls in the market. It’s known for having the most wonderfully orange, round pumpkins, along with the occasional magic purple pumpkin that’s sure to delight someone looking for a bit of color! See it at Etsy.

4. The Farmer Fairy’s Pumpkins

This young fall fairy, with her wings not quite fully shed of their youthful green, is also selling some pumpkins for fairies. She’s sitting happily as she shows off pumpkins of all colors: orange, white, and bright green. Each pumpkin has a different color as they each have special, magical qualities. The fairy would like to ask you, “Which one would you buy today? How about all of them?” Meet her at Etsy.

5. The Gateway to Autumn

Finally, we come upon a great gateway. Through the gate is a big labyrinth of hay bales, corn fields, pumpkin patches, and the most brilliant gold, orange, and red leaves on the trees. This doorway leads to Fall, and is where the autumn fairies live. Soon, it’ll be a place where fairies from all over will pass happily through, getting ready to welcome the onset of the season and take part in the festivities! Get the gate at Etsy.

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