Enchanted Eight: Magical Mermaid Life

This week’s Enchanted Eight takes us on a deep dive beneath the blue ocean waves. Under the shimmering turquoise waters, behind the sounds of waves gushing above and bubbles floating up from geysers at the sea bed, you might be surprised to hear laughter that sounds just like what you hear above water! We’re going to visit the mermaids and see their life under the sea as the water currents change with the seasons. Their lives are as every bit as colorful as the adventures of the fairies above.

Let’s visit the mystical mermaids beneath the sea and discover what enchantment the mermaids we feature this week will bring.

1. The Sleeping Mermaid Baby

Sometimes, the warm waters of the sea are the perfect lullaby. The waves seem to whisper their own song as they crash overhead, and the rippling sound of the currents can just lull you away. This littlest mermaid is snuggled comfortably in her little shell bed. Comforted by the sounds of the sea, warmed by the tropical waters, she’s dreaming of magic like every other mermaid. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Snoozing Purple Mermaid

This young mermaid, on the other hand, may have been tuckered out by all the work she had to do! Here she is, fast asleep with her tail curled around a lovely conch shell. These special shells are particularly magical to mermaids, as they are blown to call the music and magic of the oceans. She had just found this new one, and exhausted herself swimming with it! Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Slumbering Golden Mermaid

It’s also naptime for this lovely mermaid with her fine, glittering golden scales. She’s a caretaker of the sea snails and she’s been quietly, and patiently, guiding them along back to their home in the reefs. Sea snails are very tasty to bigger fish and crustaceans, so she had to wait until each one had managed to slowly crawl back into his little hole. Now she gets to nap next to them protectively. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

4. A Glittering Conch Home

As mentioned, conches are quite special for mermaids! They are sued for all kinds of magic. And if they find a particularly big and beautiful one, they may just live in them. This splendid conch, with its horned spirals pointing gloriously like a unicorn horn, is the cozy home of a lovely fairy. It’s delicately silvery pink, shimmering like the heart of the sunset in the waves of the ocean. See it at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Playing Mermaids

Mermaids are as playful as fairies are. They will swim through the reefs, explore the underwater caverns fearlessly, swim down at trenches to retrieve new shells and strange starfish, and more. These two mermaids are seated and enjoying a bit of a chat. Perhaps they also sing their hypnotic songs as they comb their hair. Whatever it is, adventure is clearly in their blood. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

6. The Mermaid and her Dolphin

Among the mermaids that head up to shore regularly is this lovely mermaid princess. She has a shimmering pink tail and she loves to sit on the wet beach rocks, letting the waves splash at her. She would sing in the lagoon and play with her pet, which is a clever blue dolphin. Her charming dolphin sometimes squeals or sings along with her! Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

7.  The Silver Mermaid

If your eyes aren’t quick, you’ll miss seeing this silvery mermaid swim by. She’s small and slender, swimming swiftly through the waters like those schools and schools of brilliant silvery fish. As she swims, the massive schools of barracudas, tuna, and other great silvery fish behind her. They look like a tremendous cloud of fish, swirling through the currents of the water. Meet the mermaid at the Fairy Garden.

8. The Sleeping Emerald Mermaid

Finally, we come upon this little half an oyster shell, still peachy and silvery within. A young mermaid’s curls is flowing out of it, and her emerald scales glisten softly beneath the waves as she continues to dream. The water is simply too warm and sweet today to really get anything done. Perhaps when this sweet mermaid wakes, she’ll be ready for a much bigger adventure. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

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