Enchanted Eight: Life and Family in the Garden

This week’s Enchanted Eight is all about the wonderful life and family of fairies in the fairy garden. Like us, fairies have wonderful lives that involve family and everyday living. All the beautiful fairies in this week’s Enchanted Eight are enjoying happy, peaceful lives in the fairy garden, in the comfort of the ones they love and care for. It’s important to have families in a fairy garden to keep the magic going through the years

1. The Canoeing Fairy

This fairy is heading out on his little leaf boat, with a good leaf oar. He’s off to begin the day’s errands, and preparing to work very hard. He has with him his helpful little pet hare, and together they’re both on their way to start the work for the day. See him at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Fairy and Her Dog

Pets are definitely family too! This beautiful fairy is out, sitting in the forest with her trusty pet dog. Dogs have a magic all on their own, loyal and loving unconditionally. They love their family members with all their heart, and every fairy-loving family with a pet would love to have a little fairy looking after their own pet like this. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

3. The First Flight

The best thing about being a baby fairy is learning to fly with the help of your loving parents. Fairy parents don’t just teach their little ones how to walk and talk—they teach them how to fly as well! Their tiny wings need to learn how to flutter the right way, and they need to be reassured that mom and dad will be there to catch them. See them in the Fairy Garden.

4. Duties of Morning Dew

The fairies make sure to wake up early in the morning to gather up some morning dew from the flowers. Morning dew isn’t just magical, it’s important for everyday drinks, potions and other enchanted liquids. This fairy is working hard to gather some morning dew for the day’s needs. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

5. Fairy’s First Steps

It may surprise you, but learning to fly might actually be a lot easier for fairies than learning to walk! Some say that flight is easy, once mom and dad make sure that the babies aren’t scared; it’s walking and learning to balance their steps that’ll be new. They’ll need mom’s help to get started! See them at the Fairy Garden.

6. Safely in Mother’s Arms

Even fairies enjoy being curled up in their mothers’ arms. This little tot is happily curled up with his mother, probably tired after a long day of playing with other fairies. It’s always a wonderful thing to spend some time with mom, the safest place in the world. See the two of them at the Fairy Garden.

There are a couple more wonderful fairy families you need to meet! Fairy families are beautiful, magical, and some of the sweetest fairies in the world.

7. The Fairy Mother’s Love

They say that fairy mothers tend to have more powerful magic than some other fairies. Perhaps it’s to be able to protect their little ones. This fairy mother seems to have passed down her great, beautiful wings to her little one. She looks after her baby as protectively as any mother, not just fairy moms. Meet them at Amazon.

8. The Grand Fairy Family

This fairy family, with all their splendid lacy blue butterfly wings, are going tout for a day together. The little one will enjoy a wonderful picnic and some playtime with mom and dad who are being very tender with him, especially as his tiny wings and magic continue to grow. Meet them at Amazon.

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