Must-Have Items for a Garden In a Fairy Garden

Here’s a unique idea for a fairy garden: a garden within a garden! Fairies do love to work hard and tend to greenery. They love the forest and all its plants and the flowers. It’s natural that some of them might want to create their own little enchanted garden and tend to it much in the way human gardeners do! Give the fairies something extra special during spring and summer months: their own beautiful gardens to tend!

1. Garden Tools for Fairies

If they’re going to start their own garden, they will need plenty of gardening tools. The basics, like these, are essential. As their little garden grows, they’ll need more, so perhaps a garden shed full of tools will be in order soon. Get some at Etsy.

2. The Tiniest Plant Stands and Pots

There will be hundreds of flowers in the garden; some plant stands and planters will keep everything neat and tidy. It will also help the fairies keep all the little plants in the garden organized according to the type of plant that they are, or the care they need! Get the stand at Etsy.

3. Fairy Moss Shrubs

These little bundles of moss are the perfect mounds as shrubs and little hillocks to grow flowers upon, adding beauty and variety to the landscape of the garden. Placed around the borders of the garden, the landscape will look like a meadow of blooms. Get the shrubs at Etsy.

4. Lawns and Grass

Greenery is very important when setting the garden! There needs to be a beautiful carpet of grass on the garden, gleaming green and fresh. The flowers will look absolutely beautiful against the backdrop of the emerald carpets. Get the lawns at Amazon.

5. Precious Potted Ferns

Little ferns in pots, like these, will be the start of the little garden coming together. They add an exotic feel to the gardens and its plant beds immediately. The ferns could sit among the bushes and fit in well with the taller flowering plants. Get them at Etsy.

6. Swinging Vines of Roses

These vines and vines loaded with roses, one of the most awaited flowers of the season, should fill every beam, archway, and fence in a fairy’s little garden. Roses of all colors, lending their beauty throughout the garden as they swing from the vines, will make it look like a dream world. Get them at Etsy.

7. Tulips and Blooms

Brightly colored flowers need to fill the rows and rows of flowerbeds in a fairy’s garden. Fairies adore flowers in their full size—their own tinier flowers will be even more special and possibly more magical. These little tulips and roses are twining out of the same bed—they will wave merrily in the breeze together. Get them at Amazon.

8. All The Flowers and Greens

There must be a great deal of variety in a fairy’s garden. Unlike humans, they don’t have to be constrained by seasons or climates; fairy magic will manage to help them grow no matter where they are. Everything from flowerbeds to cactus and succulents can fill the garden, neatly arranged together and creating a carpet over the garden. Get the set at Etsy.

9. Fruit and Flowering Trees

The colors can’t just be constrained to the flowers at ground level. Even the trees around the garden should be part of the variety. Fruit trees are the best, just like these apple trees. Trees filled with fruit, flowers, and berries draw in animals of the forest to say hello. Get the trees at Etsy.

10. The Hedge Fences

Finally, it’s a great idea to add hedges instead of fences around the garden. It allows the entire little garden to maintain the scenery of grass and greenery. And the hedges will be a great place to add tiny lights and flowers as well, making everything even more magical. Get them at Etsy.

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