Enchanted Eight: Magical Fairy Garden Accessories

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. The fairies have been keeping themselves very busy this week and have chosen eight magical fairy garden accessories for this week’s Enchanted Eight presentation. They are also very excited because one of their fairy friends Sugarsnap has a new book coming out this week. It is titled Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy. More details will be available soon, so keep watching the Teelie’s Fairy Garden page for announcements. With all of the fairies’ picks, they suggest that you verify the measurements if you are incorporating them into an existing fairy garden. They hope you have a great time exploring this week’s picks.

1. Fairy Garden Solar House
Mystic Garden Solar Resin Fairy Garden House
2. Tulip Design Fairy Garden House
Mystic Garden Solar Resin Fairy Garden House – Tulip Design
3. Believe in the Magic
PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Accessories Sign – Believe
4. Experience the Love
PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Accessories Sign – Love

Fairy Garden Solar House

Your fairies need to have somewhere to live when they choose to come to your garden and so having a charming cottage for them that is beautiful and welcoming, will help to make your garden a top contender. This particular house is also solar powered which means that the fairies will be able to stay up as late as they want visiting, gardening or just enjoying a cup of tea among the flowers. It is also very colorful which the fairies also like. You’ll find it on Amazon.

Tulip Design Fairy Garden House

Fairies like having unique homes which is why it is wonderful that there are many different designs of fairy houses available so that each fairy garden can have some different features. This fairy cottage is shaped like a pretty pink tulip. It is also solar powered and has cute ladybug and toadstool designs on it. It is also on Amazon.

Believe in the Magic

Make your fairy garden extra magical by adding accessories like a sign. The fairies chose the word believe because believing in fairies and their magic is an important part in getting to know them. A non-believer will never see the fairies or get a chance to experience the joy that they can bring. This believe sign will look amazing among your flowers and also comes with its own fairy and a bluebird. It can also be used in the home for other decorative purposes. Visit Amazon if you’d like to buy it.

Experience the Love

Knowing the fairies means experiencing their love. They chose a sign that can be used in the garden or around the house with the word love on it. Incorporated into the design is a beautiful fairy in a pink dress and some bluebirds and a birdhouse. At this time of year with Valentine’s Day approaching, love is especially on their minds and in their hearts. You can find this lovely sign on Amazon.

1. Be Hopeful
PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Accessories Sign
2. Large Fairy Tree House
Large Fairy Tree House with a Door That Opens
3. Welcome the Fairies
Accessories with Miniature Fairies & Welcome Sign
4. Grandpa Garden Figurine
LA JOLIE MUSE Fairy Garden Accessories Tree Figurine

Be Hopeful

The fairies always want you to feel hopeful and they decided to remind you with a hope sign that can go in your garden or elsewhere in your house. This sign comes with its own fairy and is absolutely beautiful. Its lettering matches that of the love and believe signs and they’d look amazing together in a larger garden setting. So, think about spreading the seeds of hope when you create your fairies’ special garden. You’ll find the sign on Amazon.

Large Fairy Tree House

Fairies like humans look for different things when they find a home to live in. The fairies selected a large fairy tree house with a door that opens as an alternative to the cottages that they showed you earlier. This is the perfect addition to an outdoorsy themed fairy garden. It would look nice with some short vines around it adding to the rustic look of the home. It’s available on Amazon.

Welcome the Fairies

This next pick is exquisite. There is a charming pine cone and stone house with a blue door. The two fairies whose names are Ava and Sofia  live there and they have a pet dog and a pet cat. One of them is reading and their pet frog is sitting atop their pet snail holding a welcome sign. When you purchase this set on Amazon, you get all these amazing pieces to love for your very own fairy garden.

Grandpa Garden Figurine

The last pick for this week’s Enchanted Eight is a smiling grandpa garden ornament. This jolly grandpa tree figurine is also solar powered and will light up your fairy garden while looking over all the fairies who live nearby. It is available on Amazon.

The fairies want to thank you for joining them this week and they hope that you continue to come and visit them. Their next blog post will be on Friday and will include a collection of Sugarnap, The Valentine Card Fairy’s merchandise. But, in the meantime, continue to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden to explore and learn about what new things are happening. Sugarsnap’s book will be out soon and you don’t want to miss it. It has amazing illustrations in it.

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