How to Create Fairy Valentine’s Cards

Here in Fairy Land, we’re so excited because Sugarsnap, the Valentine’s Card Fairy is going to help us learn how to create special fairy Valentine’s cards. This is a very busy time of year for Sugarsnap, and that is why we asked her to come in January to teach us. Next week, Fairy Land is also releasing a new book with Sugarsnap’s magical story in it. Make sure to keep an eye out for it by visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

Now, that we’ve introduced you, we’ll let Sugarsnap take over showing you how to make these magical cards. We know that she’s super excited about it. And after you’ve learned how to make these amazing cards, please stay in Teelie’s Fairy Garden for some more fun.

1. Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust Authentic Multipack of 3 Large Vials with Magic Wand - Pink, Purple, White
2. Stencils
Fairytale Creations Sweet Love Stencil, 8.5"L x 11"H
3. Stickers
Large Stickers (Each Sticker 2.5"x3.5”, 24 Stickers on Sheet) Little Fairy FLONZ Craft Vintage
4. Buttons
Sweet 650 Pieces Assorted Sizes Resin Buttons 2- and 4-Holes Round Craft Buttons for Sewing DIY Crafts Children's Manual Button Painting (Pink)

Fairy Dust

Fairy dust helps to make Valentine’s cards come alive.  It can make some cards speak or fly. Seeing fairies or humans get a card and not be expecting anything other than the ordinary only to have the card leave their hands and do a little dance in the air is one of the many joys that come with my job as a Valentine’s Card Fairy. I was surprised to learn that Amazon sells pink, purple and white fairy dust along with a magic wand. I wonder if it is as powerful as the magic dust that we have here in Fairy Land?


Stencils can be useful tools when creating your own Valentine’s card because they can help you to draw hearts and other lovable designs even if drawing isn’t one of your talents. We found a delightful stencil on Amazon that we think could help you make Valentine’s and they are filled with hearts, which is my favorite shape.


Stickers can be another fun way to decorate a Valentine’s card especially if you find a sticker that illustrates the way that you are feeling. I have a whole bunch of stickers in my shop that I use in some of my handmade cards. I purchase them from a fairy illustrator here in Fairy Land, but she can be hard to find, so if you’d like to have some, you can find them on Amazon.


I believe that Valentine’s cards should have some special touches to them, and this is why I add little surprises to the ones I create like a button. And, because I’m so busy creating an abundance of cards for fairies and humans to enjoy, I require a little help. My chipmunk friends are awesome at gluing on buttons. Pink and red buttons are especially favored. I found some pink ones that you can use on Amazon, if you’d like to add buttons to your handmade card.

1. Pop-Up Card Features
Hallmark Paper Wonder Pop Up Valentines Day Card for Anyone (Beary Loved Valentine)
2. Magical Flower Seeds
Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit - Fairy Crafts for Kids
3. The Right Words
DWK - Growing Old Together - Garden Gnome Couple in Love Collectible Figurine Best Friends Lovers Romantic Statue Indoor Outdoor Garden Patio Home Décor, 5.75-inch
4. Magic in Your Heart
Moonlight Fairy plaque. Handmade Fairy gift, fairy decor

Pop-Up Card Features

Pop-up features on my Valentine’s cards also add some extra magic to them. The chipmunks also help to glue these into place. Most of the time the pop-up is a heart but every once in a while, I deviate from the obvious and try something different. I especially like a card with a bear who has a pop-up flower cart that I found on Amazon.

Magical Flower Seeds

Cards that grow are another of my specialties. I have a fairy florist by the name of Florinda to thank for helping me get the magical seeds that I need. However, if you’d like to grow your own plants to make pressed flowers to include in cards or perhaps preserve some seeds to embed in the paper, you can find a special enchanted fairy garden craft kit on Amazon.

The Right Words

Having the right words in the card is also important so that the person receiving the card knows what you want to say. Especially when it comes to love, saying the right words isn’t always easy, so finding a card that has the words in it that you’re feeling, can help you to express them. Looking at fairy décor can also help inspire you to find words that you’d like to include in your card. We found this romantic gnome couple on Amazon.

Magic in Your Heart

The most important part of creating your Valentine’s Card for a special someone is the magic that you feel in your heart. Sometimes fairies have even received cards from someone special that they didn’t send because their magic and heart’s desire was that strong. I found a cute little decoration of a fairy dancing in the moonlight that made me think of magic radiating from someone’s heart. It can be found on Amazon.

I would like to thank Teelie’s Fairy Garden for inviting me to join you for today’s lesson on creating fairy Valentine’s cards. Now, I’d better get back to my shop and keep making cards, but I’d like it if you read all about me and my card making process in Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy. It will be available next week. You don’t want to miss it because the story and the graphics are amazing!

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