Sugarsnap Shares Her Collection of Magical Fairy Products

Hi everyone and thanks for inviting me back to talk to you this week. My name is Sugarsnap and I’m the Valentine’s Card Fairy.  I had a great time last Friday teaching you about making Valentine’s cards.This week, I’ve been invited to tell you about my collection of Fairy merchandise. I’ve also included products that have some of my friends’ faces on them and are also Valentine’s themed. These items which I’m sharing with you from Redbubble are just a sample of the immense collection of fairy items that you can have to wear and for your bedroom, bathroom and home office and organizing needs. They also make wonderful gifts.

This has been an amazing week for me, not only did my collection of merchandise get released, but so did the book that Teelie Turner wrote with my story in it. You can find it on Amazon. You can also sign up for a chance to win a signed copy of one of my books. Please explore the book and my collection of merchandise, and then you can come back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden to continue exploring what the other fairies and I are doing for this Valentine’s Day.

Sugarsnap-The Valentine’s Card Fairy Poster


Would you like to have a poster of me on your wall? On the poster, I’m dressed in my favorite outfit and of course I’m smiling because I have an amazing life getting to be the Valentine’s Card Fairy. I chose to show you the poster of me sitting on a magical chair surrounded by hearts with a pink background. There are also other variations available. You can find it on Redbubble.

Chipy The Valentine Chipmunk Throw Pillow

Throw Pillows

My collection also includes extremely cute throw and floor pillows. The one shown above is a throw pillow with Chipy the Valentine Chipmunk on it. Chipy is one of the chipmunks who helps me to make my cards. He’s great at helping make the cards extra special. You can find the pillows on Redbubble.

Sugarsnap-The Valentine’s Card Fairy’s Friends Shower Curtain

Shower Curtains

Having a relaxing shower always feels wonderful and wouldn’t it be even more exciting if you had a delightfully magical shower curtain. I saw one of the ones that was created in my collection and instantly fell in love with it. It features lots of hearts and two of the bluebirds that help deliver my cards to fairies and humans. You can find it on Redbubble.

Sugarsnap-The Valentine’s Card Fairy Throw Blanket

Throw Blankets

Curling up with a cup of tea, a book and a blanket is a wonderful way to spend some of your time. You can now own a throw blanket with my picture on it. My blanket is available in three different sizes and with different designs. I decided to show you the one of me sitting in my magical chair. You can find it on Redbubble.

Sugarsnap-The Valentine’s Card Fairy’s Friends Sticker


Stickers are something else that’s in my collection and is really fun. Sometimes I use them on my cards. My collection has different models which include transparent, glossy and regular. You can also get it with different pictures of me and my friends. I chose to show you the transparent one with my bird friends on it. You can find it on Redbubble.

With Love From Sugarsnap Spiral Notebook


Do you have ideas that are floating around in your head that you need to get on paper? Or perhaps an artistic idea of a special treat that you’d like to make for your loved one, or a verse that you’d like to put in their Valentine’s Card? Then, you should have one of my notebooks. I chose to show you the design, I called “With Love from Sugarsnap.” It’s me with my hands formed into a heart shape with another huge heart around my picture. You can also get my picture on a hardcover journal. Both are available on Redbubble.

With Love From Sugarsnap Tote Bag

Tote bags

Do you have things to tote around? Then consider a Sugarsnap themed tote bag. I also have cotton ones and drawstring bags to make carrying your things around easier. Perhaps, you have to run some errands but have a bit of time in between? Put your Valentine’s cards into the tote bag and do them while you’re away from home. You can find my tote bag on Redbubble.

Sugarsnap-The Valentine’s Card Fairy Baby T-Shirt

Baby Clothing

Do you have a darling baby that you’d like to dress up? Then you’ve come to the right place because I have some fabulous baby clothes in my collection. I also have clothing for toddlers and children. I decided to show you a t-shirt. I chose the colour pink, but you can select whichever color and design that makes your heart happy. You can find this t-shirt and other clothes on Redbubble.

Vesta The Valentines Day Fairy Relaxed Fit T-Shirt

Adult Clothing

There is also clothing for adults in my collection, including t-shirts. But, instead of showing you a top with my picture on it, I wanted you to meet my friend Vesta. She’s a Valentine’s Day Fairy and I love spending time with her. She’s in charge of helping humans and fairies find true love. You can find her t-shirt and other Valentine’s delights on Redbubble.

Sugarsnap-The Valentine’s Card Fairy’s Friends Mug


The final piece of merchandise that I want to show you today is a mug. I wanted to show you the one with my two helpful bluebirds, but you can also get it with my picture or Chipy the Chipmunks or a number of my other fairy friends. These mugs are available on Redbubble.

Thank you for joining me on my new journey into merchandising. I hope you enjoy exploring my collection as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. And, please take a look at the book featuring my story: Sugarsnap, The Valentine’s Card Fairy.  I’d better get back to work creating more Valentine’s Cards but hopefully I’ll see you around Teelie’s Fairy Garden again soon.

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