Enchanted Eight: Top Off Your Day with Sugarsnap, The Valentine’s Card Fairy

Hello and thank you for joining us for today’s Enchanted Eight. Last Friday Sugarsnap, the Valentine’s Card Fairy introduced you to her collection of magical merchandise.  Lots of fairies around Fairy Land are wearing and using products from her collection and loving it. They wanted to give you a closer look at her collection of tops for adults. The fairies chose eight of their favorites to showcase.

Our friend Teelie Turner recently released Sugarsnap’s story in a book. You can find it here.You can also sign up for Sugarsnap’s two day book give-away,  or a chance to win a signed copy of her print book.

1. Celebrate Valentine’s in Fairy Style
Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy T-Shirt (Women and Youth)
2. Warm Up in a Fairy Hoodie
Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy Pullover Hoodie (Unisex)
3. Casual Comfort
Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy T-Shirt (Women and Youth)
4. Relax in a Fairy Hearts T-Shirt
Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy Hearts Premium T-Shirt (Women and Youth)

Celebrate Valentine’s in Fairy Style

Looking for something to wear on Valentine’s Day? Depending on your plans, the Sugarsnap premium t-shirt might fit your needs. It looks great with a black, pink or white skirt, or a pair of leggings or jeans. If you’d like to own it, visit Amazon.

Warm Up in a Fairy Hoodie

An evening sitting on the porch, a walk in the forest, or a trip to the grocery store on a cooler day, these are only a few suggestions that the fairies have for you of where you can wear a Sugarsnap pullover hoodie. It is now available on Amazon.

Casual Comfort

The fairies love the Sugarsnap t-shirts and wanted to share this comfortable model with you. It works as a t-shirt for regular everyday activities like gardening as well as for running errands or for lounging around in the evening, instead of wearing a PJ top. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Relax in a Fairy Hearts T-Shirt

The fairies chose a heather grey t-shirt with an image of Sugarsnap holding her hands in the shape of a heart and then being surrounded by a bigger heart. This t-shirt would look great with jeans or a pair of leggings. The fairies find this a great choice for relaxing. You can find this t-shirt on Amazon.

1. Enjoy a Fairy V-Neck T-Shirt
Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy V-Neck T-Shirt (Women’s)
2. Be Adorable
Chipy The Valentine Chipmunk T-Shirt
3. Wear Fairy Athletic Clothing
Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy Raglan Baseball Tee (Women’s)
4.  Enjoy Life in a Sugarsnap Sweatshirt
Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy Sweatshirt (Unisex)

Enjoy a Fairy V-Neck T-Shirt

Do you enjoy wearing V-neck t-shirts? Some of the fairies do, especially because it looks great with a necklace. Sugarsnap’s collection has a lovely V-neck t-shirt and like with most of the fairies’ other selections today, the image is of Sugarsnap sitting on an intriguing share encircled by hearts. Find it on Amazon.

Be Adorable

One of Sugarsnap’s helpers is Chipy, the Valentine’s Chipmunk. Everyone loved him so much that they decided he needed to be featured on his very own t-shirt. The fairies adore this one. It is available on Amazon.

Wear Fairy Athletic Clothing

Looking for something more casual? Sugarsnap has another option for you, a baseball t-shirt. It is grey and black and has Sugarsnap’s image in pink on the front. Pair it with some jeans, leggings or a pair of sporty pants for your athletic look. The fairies are talking about having their own baseball team in the summer, and this t-shirt is in the running for the uniform top. It is available on Amazon.

 Enjoy Life in a Sugarsnap Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts make excellent casual wear especially on a cool day when you want to curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea, a good book and perhaps a tasty treat. The fairies applaud this sort of relaxing movement and believe that Sugarsnap’s special sweatshirt can make it even more wonderful. It can be yours if you visit Amazon.

The fairies hope that their picks for this week’s Enchanted Eight have helped to top off your day. They’d like you to join them in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. They’re just about to put on some tea and there will definitely be some fairy treats.

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