Enchanted Eight: Play and Sport at the Fairy Garden

This week’s Enchanted Eight features new worlds to play and have fun in. The fun under the sun continues, and there are quite a few shining pieces to love this week. Playful fairies from ay fairy garden around the world would absolutely love to enjoy these pieces and furnishings. It’s a great way to keep everyone happy and cheerful this summer!

FG Jul 22 2019 enchanted eight 1-4 numbered1. The Enchanted Eight’s Playground Set

Set up this leafy swing and this wooden slide and fairies will come running to play. These splendid playground pieces will tempt any fairy looking for a bit of fun under the bright summer sunshine. The swing is made out of a cushy leaf that hangs down from vine-wrapped twigs. The slide is made of tree bark that has been smoothed down. You’ll see plenty of fairies whizzing down from there soon! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

2. A Slide for Bunnies

This slide is a bit of extra fun the fairy garden: grassy green and curved sharply around, it’s a more exciting kind of outdoor slide. It’s so much fun that even the bunnies have hopped onto it to slide down! It won’t be long before they’re joined by excited fairies during their playtime. Get the slide in the Fairy Garden.

3. The Enchanted Fairy Village

This fairy garden kit is so adorable, even children won’t be able to resist watching over it. It’s a whole fairy village, with the tiniest mushroom and tree stump houses, complete with a welcome gate, a village well, and so much more. When it comes to building a wonderful town where fairies can live and play in, this is a wonderful way to start. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

4. Going Fishing

Summer is a wonderful time to get some sport fishing in. For fairies hoping to get a bit of a fishing adventure, perhaps by a lake, these fishing gnomes would be happy to help. They have their own little fishing house, a boat, a creel, and everything anyone would need to have a fun time out in the clear waters, catching fish. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

In line with the play and sport that’s appeared in this week’s Enchanted, here are four more wonderful goodies to add to your collection this week. You can never have too much fun this summer!

FG Jul 22 2019 enchanted eight 5-8 numbered5. The Butterfly Patio

This lovely outdoor set features a beautiful, stone-lined archway with a fairy door. The butterfly theme is evident everywhere, from the décor on the little wooden table, the butterfly-shaped backrests of the chairs, and even the butterfly stepping stones in various colors. A beautiful palm-topped gazebo and a cool flowery birdbath adds even more delicate, fluttering loveliness to the set. See it in Amazon.

6. The Fantasy Fairy Swing

This breathtaking swing is made of growing green vines that formed a circle, and twined with blooming flowers. A sweet fairy is already seated on the swing, looking very much like a flower herself. Her friends surround her, one of them sitting of a flowering bench and playing a wonderful tune on the flute. The little deer nearby is enjoying the peaceful happiness of their playtime. See it in Amazon.

7. A Wooden Teeter Totter

What’s a playground without a lovely little teeter totter? This fairy garden teeter totter is the perfect size for a couple of fairies, but there’s room for three in case someone was feeling a little cheeky and wanted to drop in. Even the little fairy garden animals would have fun going up and down on this! Get it in Amazon.

8. The Fishing Pond

Finally, you can’t go fishing without being near some water. This splendid fishing pond, filled with fish just shimmering beneath the surface, lined with reeds and with its own pier, is just the right spot for fairies and gnomes to head to for some quality fishing. They can row out on a boat or just sit at the pier to enjoy their peaceful fishing time. Get it at Etsy.

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